Sunday, 8 October 2017

Thursday - Glorious

Another gloriously sunny day, very pleasant for outdoor work and enabling lunch up once again on the station platform. It was a good Thursday turn out with about 18 attending.

Although our regular Thursday services have now finished for the year, a "Fire-and-Drive" was running so we were not deprived of a train throughout the day. Now who is that sitting on Platform 2?

One of them is Paul, enjoying the lovely sunny weather while giving the Model Railway coach a clean. After taking the photo I was very much tempted to join him! Looking down the yard I could see Dennis Richards, also enjoying the nice day while watering up the 3rd Rake ready for the Autumn Diesel Gala in two days time.

After sharing the sunny platform seat with Paul, Phil returns to TSO 4614 to install more of the side lights.

 More bits for 4614 were being given coats of varnish by Robin. All the seating for the coach is in the covered mound behind.

In the Barn Ken Austin was back at the Cheltenham Station fencing with more of the spears to straighten. Not photographed but busy nearby, were Ken Reeves and John Hamer working on more of the steam heating pipework under TSO 4986.

Having missed Pat last week I was determined to photo him this time. Joined by Tony, who was back from holiday, they are cleaning up another window frame in BSK 34929. I later saw Pat carefully carrying the pane through the Workshop.

In the Woodwork shop Derek is sorting out the good from the bad with the various corner pieces from the LMS Guards Van.

Back to TSO 4763 in the Paintshop and Alan is fitting the replacement sections of window frame in the Malvern side toilet compartment. Mirrors can be very handy when trying to get a good picture in a cramped space!

Also inside the coach was Bob Keyte completing the ceiling top coat in

Busy with more top coating was Cheryl, who completed the first coat on the lower brown section along the whole of the Cotswold side of the coach. While on the Malvern side Martin gently sands the undercoated lower section, while in the background Richard begins the second top coat on the side of the roof - this was was also completed.

Phil Jones completes the second top coat on the centre section of the roof. This just leaves the Cotswold roof and the north end around the tank filler pipes - we're nearly there with the roof. All these completions mean we are a long way towards getting 4763 ready for the end of the month, if not before.

Another glimpse of the lovely day up on Platform 2 and a credit to the FOWS gardiners, one of whom is Vivien who when not working in our Upholstery shop is busy making the station look so good. 

Report by Dave Clark

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