Monday, 23 October 2017

Thursday - departures

Departing today was 4440 collected by Allery's. It wasn't a good time to collewct andload a carriage asit was raining heavily. Hence this picture was taken from the cover of the barn.

once loaded we were treated to the unusual site of a carriage passing the mess room window.

departing fairly soon is 4763 from the painshop. the team are onto the lining out a minor touching up.

in the workshop there is satill a lot to do before 4614 moves into the paintshop Steve is busy on the north end vestibule here installing the new insulation

before more panelling goes on the wall

Another departure was the wheelset and guide from this bogie frame. it took Nick applying a little heat to remove it as it was stuck fast and appears to have been so for many years. the guides removed and the frame cleaned up and painted allowed John Hamer to set about positioning a new pair of guides.

with the wheel set out the axle box could be overhauled and new seals fitted. during the day the team did 6 of the 8 axle boxes on this pair of bogies. there wasn't a trace of any old seals! so that's why they were such an oily mess.

Having joined us on Wednesday Gerry got his first lesson in why we don't need gym membership.

Tony and Pat were continuing their workalong the windows in the BSK.

while Bob and later Dave Hancox started on the parcels area ceiling.

Derek has been progressing the work on the brake van. with both Duckets back on and much of the heavy woodwork now done progress is such that it may soon move into the paintshop probably at the next shunt.

The Broadway seat got a the underside of the seat planks painted with its first top coat today. It will soon be ready for the passengers departing Broadway to rest on.
and a Final Departure. Robin is moving to the west country with his family so we said a fond farwell to him today What's in in the bag? Among other things its a rail cair ex GWR and painted in brown with gold lettering, far to heavy to get out of the bag!
We wish you well Robin and hope all goes well in the future.

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