Monday, 23 October 2017

Saturday - Various battles

A very varied day and well attended again with a number of "battles" going on. There were understandably a number of trips to Toddington being made to sample tbe Food Fair. For anyone going outside the battle was with the weather, and although bad enough, we didn't have winds as bad as in other parts of the country.

The first internal battle of the day was with a door on TSO 4763. We knew the door was a bit sticky but not as bad as turned out to be the case, and it was certainly not a case of too much paint! Paul Ellis, with later help from Steve, eventually managed to sort it out. A hasty repaint will soon complete the job.

Further along the coach on the Cotswold side George and Alan did a good job cleaning up the windows, while I ensured that the sliders on both sides were free of any paint build-up and worked freely.

On the Malvern side Martin did the black section of the top line. We are nearly there with the lining out, with just a small section of the top line and the whole length of the bottom line left to do.

Inside the coach Paul Wood continued cleaning the compartments.  Just one more week left to complete the refurbishment before 4763 has to go out and up to Toddington for the Santa Specials period.

In the Workshop John Osborn takes a break to give the metal working table a house clean.

Inside the north vestibule of TSO 4614 Steve was working on the enlarged doorway into the compartment.

While outside John Squires was having quite a battle trial fitting a new piece of vacuum pipe.

Back at the north end, Malvern side corner of BSK 34929 James was continuing the rebuild.
A close up of the upper corner.

On the other side of the Barn Richard Stone was cleaning up another metal bar from the china clay wagon. Prior to helping me free up 4763's awkward door, Paul Ellis had been painting more of the wagon's base frame.

Quite a lot was being done on the three bogies now in the Barn. John Hamer was raising the first one to reinstate the south wheelset.

Later on, with the second wheelset removed, Ken was battling to free one of the pedestal liners. You have to get right inside the get at some of the mount points!

At the end of the day John was in the Workshop priming a collection of both recovered and new liners

Ian and Andy, having stripped down the side of one of the other two bogies, were cleaning the tie bar.

While Kevin was working on one of the axle boxes.

Pam was back in and working on her "GWR" lamp brackets for the Tim Mitchell building on Platform 1. With tape marking the bend points on the bottom support, she uses the heavy press to produce the required shape.

 The results look very good indeed and the piece is now ready to be welded on.

One of the important activities of the day was to extract BG 81039, the current brake coach in the 3rd Rake. 81039 will follow 4763 in the Paintshop for a quick external refurbishment, the interior having been done last year.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Plenty of activity going on at C&W! Good to see work on the goods vehicles continuing despite the vital need for coaching stock for Xmas trains and then, of course, Broadway. So I suppose it's 'all hands to the pump Regards', so to say, Regards, Paul.