Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Saturday - Quite a variety going on

Having previously given the Model Railway coach a good clean, Paul proceeded to give it a very good polish. The results speak for themselves - well done Paul!

In the Upholstery shop it was just Dave and Penny making covers for seat arms.

The china clay wagon is making good progress, with Paul Ellis coating more of the cleaned underframe in black, while Richard Stone has been cleaning up and priming the corner pieces.

Next door, Derek is now trimming the bolts and tightening the nuts on the Cotswold side ducket of the LMS guards van. He later added sealant around the rim of the ducket.
Also in the Workshop, Kevin was stripping down a door (forgot to ask where this was from).
Inside TSO 4614 Steve continued building the new ceiling in the enlarged north end vestibule (apologies Steve, we have yet to begin the priming of the ceiling panels that you requested).

Ken was busy turning a thread on another section of new pipework for TSO 4986.

James continued the rebuild of the north end of BSK 34929, working on the Malvern side doorway.

With the new steam heating pipework now completed, TSO 4986 was shunted out of the jack road and replaced by the two bogies previously being painted by Malcolm.

The vestibules in RMB 1808 in the 3rd Rake are to have new lino, all the old worn lino having been removed.

Richard Johnson cleans one of the compartment door sliders from the coach.

Helping out Building Services, John Osborn is working on what will be a new gate hook.

Pam Brown has been given the task of producing two lamp brackets for the new Tim Mitchell building on Platform 1. First job was the design, getting the letter sizing correct for the angled brackets.

The carefully shaped letters with the individual sections bedded on Blutack and clipped tightly. For the actual metal curving Pam had some help from Edward Lane, a metal working friend who also lives in Brackley (Northants).

With the individual parts of the first GWR spot welded together, Pam discusses the making of the remaining parts of the bracket with John Osborn.

Pam carefully cleans up the welds on the first GWR. Quite a bit to do yet, but so far it looks very impressive.
Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Yes indeed. Quite a variety going on. And also quite a lot done. By the way, I LOVE the GWR brackets. Very Victorian looking. Regards, Paul.