Saturday, 14 October 2017

Saturday - Gala Weeklend

I have been away on holiday in north Wales. A sort of  a train tour of 6 steam and 2 diesel narrow gauge lines along with a couple of 'standard' size lines thrown in. So I am as keen as you are to see what has been going on at C&W.

It was the Autumn Diesel Gala this weekend

and C&W was open to visitors as usual, though with limited access on Saturday as we were working. Over the weekend we received some very nice compliments, not just about our work in C&W, but for the Railway in general.

In the Paintshop, a quick job before anyone arrived with Paul Ellis cutting off seized nuts from the side of the china clay wagon.

On the other side of the wagon Richard Stone removed the vacuum cylinder bracket.

Later on Paul was painting the underframe.

In the Workshop Ian worked on the vacuum cylinder for the wagon.
before a general tidy up of this part of the Workshop. Those little pallets are ideal for these as you definitely need a pump trolley to move them around.

Not much going on with TSO 4763 today, though Paul Wood had found a better toilet seat for one of the two compartments.

In the Woodwork shop Steve is making up new internal corner sections for the enlarged vestibule in TSO 4614. we kept one of the originals as a template.

Chris worked on the liner for the centre door on the Malvern side of the coach.

Phil reinstates one of the cleaned up light fittings in 4614. It's nice to have these lovely fittings back 4763 as well, instead of the fluorescent tubes.

John Squires and James were sorting out what needed to come off the metalwork on the north end Malvern side doorway of BSK 34929.

While across the Barn on the Jack road Ken tightens up the nuts holding the pipework under TSO 4986.

Arrgh! It's that big needle again!! John and Dave in turn feeding it through the latest seat under reconstruction.

Report by Dave Clark

Me, I was riding the Ffestiniog lines Victorian gala on Saturday
and the Welsh Highland line on Sunday.

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