Monday, 30 October 2017

Saturday - Another quick job. Join the queue!

When carriages, or wagons for that matter, enter the works they tend to get assessed as being a quick repaint, 6 weeks, a refurbishment something in the 3-9 month range or a full restore usually 15 -18 months but can be longer depending of what we find.

The scope of each of these definitions is somewhat loose. Mission creep is common. While its in it won't take long to ........   is often heard and acted on before it can be stopped.

Thus 4763 was rolled out today after its 'quick repaint ready for Broadway' ans just happened to remove the strip lights refitting the original circular light cluster fitting and repainted the ceiling and ..  So 4763's 6 weeks turned out to be more like 9.

Another, can you just .... This is Rudolf now in chocolate and cream undercoat, not Pinocchio,

One quick job that does have to be completed quickly is the clean up of the works while all the vehicles are being shunted. Sweep up, move to storage or bin bits takes off, restack ladders and steps and move larger things around while there is space, like shunt Santa's sleigh from the woodwork shop to the paintshop!

SDomething that surprises everybody is the curve of the works

So the new carriage in for a quick repaint is BG 81039 The brake coach from the third rake while the BSK the nominal brake coach for that rake is undergoing a full restore that will last probably until the back end of next year.

We have about a 5 week window until 4614 is ready to move into the paintshop. So rather than leave the paintshop empty we are doing this quick repaint.

So Dave's got the message. Thanks to Richard Stone for this picture.

The more conventional approach which has a tendency to lead to the mission creep. removing the old paint and then the revealed rust reveals a hole in the bottom of a door.

We have also taken the opportunity of the shunt to switch the LMS brake van round with the China Clay Wagon. The brake van is almost ready for painting and its also very long. By putting it into the paintshop with the BG, which is only 57' rather than the usual Mk1 63' we have rather more working space available all round.

With most of the wood now removed from the China Clay wagon Paul set about sanding and painting the hinged bars for the side flaps

4614 resumed its original position in the workshop for a little longer. Steve, with his 2 helping hand props, panelled the north end of the enlarged vestibule. The side still need doing that's next week perhaps.

The BSK was also back into its original position in the barn with Ken soon wire brushing round the toilet window

and uncovering an original repair to the window corner. This was tack welded in
place and filler used to cover the holes! How times have changed. These days the tack weld is only the start. Our team of welders join them all up these days.

and paint over the finished work as well. James has just finished the doorway on the Malvern side

before welding in new plate around the corridor connection. Ken and Andy have made great strides in preparing the south end connection ready for removal.
 Tony having cleaned up the window sliders from the BSK gave a hand sanding the recoverable sections of timber for the China Clay wagon. The cloud of dust somewhat obscuring the picture. we had the extraction fans on Max power and it soon cleared.

With all the doors being worked on at the moment we are running short of door plate shims. used to get the lock plates positions properly

25743 has been put on the jack road and the body lifted to deal with a steam leak. This section of the offending pipes leaves us in no doubt of the need for a complete section of new pipe not just a short section repair.

Still well in advance of the rest of the work the upholstery team have started work on another carriage. Dave and Penny removing the old moquette and staples

while John and Jenny, with the sun streaming in the window, start covering the seat side trims and arm rests for the first class section of CK 7221.

This is a carriage we very much want to get done although its a compartment carriage. Being a CK it was originally built with a stretcher window. The fittings for it are still in place so we want to get that working again. Watch out for the first war week-end when it comes into service!

The first couple of trims are done.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Thursday - All the usuals doing the usual

Another big group in, 22 if I remember correctly.

In the Paintshop we were galloping to the final post with TSO 4763. One of the nice things to do with a quick refurb is tidy up the internal varnishing where possible, and this includes the internal door panels with Cheryl busy on the Malvern side of the coach.

Phil Salter was doing a bit more with the side lighting, while Paul completed the cleaning, including giving the compartment floors a wash.

Phil Jones did more painting, filling in with any missing bits as required. 

The next job was reinstating the grab handles, all of which went back on properly except one on the Malvern side where the internal captive nut had broken away. So it was off with the internal beading and panel to replace the nut, and while at it some new rubber draught strip was put on.

Inside the centre vestibule of TSO 4614 Roger top coats the ceiling.

Then it was back with Alan and rebuilding more internal window framing. 

Next door, Derek was back on the LMS guards van doing a number of jobs, including adding the external cab skirting. The van will have joined BG 81039 in the Paintshop after Saturday's shunt. Thank goodness a BG is only 57 feet in length, as against 63 feet for a MK 1 coach. That LMS van is VERY long!

Some blurred arm action in the Workshop with John Hamer re-threading a large bogie bolt, 

while Phil is wrestling with the large nut on the top of an electrical connector.

Moving into the Barn to find Rob Cory dismantling parts of the corridor connection on the south end of BSK 34929.

Captured outside this time, Tony and Pat were working on one of the Cotswold side windows of 34929.

Bob Slater was dismantling another compartment ceiling inside the coach. 

Further along Tony Barnard was removing two more window sliders. It's quite some refurbishment for 34929, with so many things that need to be sorted out.

New member Bryan Overbury was enjoying his second day in C&W, initially removing old studs from a section of metal window frame. Later on he was in the Barn helping John Hamer and Ken with the work on the bogies, and in his own words, loving it all!

In the Barn Ken primes one of the coil spring bases on the bogie.

Currently "the usual" in C&W also includes Santa prep, with Alan Baugh taking over with the reindeer on the Paintshop trestles.

While Malcolm begins painting the sleigh's white primed plyboard with undercoat. It was quite colourful by the end of the day!

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Wednesday - sunshine

When the sun is still creeping over the rooftops as I leave home for C&W I know its near the end of the running season and its going to be all hands to get through the work scheduled / listed for action before the new season.
 The first job that needed completion was the flooring in the RMB 1808 All done by Bob Webb and his mate.

 4614 is the scene of much activity with the need to get the doors and doorways sorted before the carriage moves to the paintshop in about 6 weeks time. Paul has started on the fit of the blank door panel.
Colin and Geoff have started on their first door liners Colin on the |Malvern side while Geoff started on the malvernside.

Mike was completing the fit of the door skin to the frame on door 3
while Craig was fitting new rubber and felt liners to the window tracks. These liners are help in place by small eyelets fitted deep in the track so a Craig uses his own design of fitting tool for some great results.

Des was applying the second coat of varnish in the centre vestibule.

 There is extensive work being done to the bogies. Nick is welding in new guides

while on the other side John Hamer and Gerry were preparing the other side

and Malcolm was cleaning and painting another one.

Out in the glorious sunshine Ken was drilling out the broken bolts around the corridor connector for the north end of the BSK

The upholstery team were 'woodworking' apparently with permission from the woodworker! John Hill cutting some seat side panels
while Dave start positioning the arm rest blocks on the cut panels and Penny and Jenny removed the old moquette from other blocks.

Of course we didn't forget 4763 in the paintshop. Here Bryan who joined us today helped Davy clean the windows ready for the carriage to be out shopped on Saturday. Another carriage spruced up ready for Broadway to open.

Once P'Way get this lot of sleepers and more laid. They had a good day.