Friday, 22 September 2017

Wednesday- tours

 A hectic day in C&W today with a tour by a group from Cheltenham Probus. As the DMU was not operating the tour was at rather more leisurely pass than normal to absorb some of the extra wait time for the next train.

This was preceded by the introductory tour with H&S and fire briefing we have to do for all new starter. All of which rather kept me busy so I didn't take many pictures.

Trevor and later Rod were both in and new exactly what they needed to crack on with. This was largely the north end of the Cotswold side. Painting it with undercoat cream.

Des also knew what he was doing he just wondered when thelast panel would be reached. 12 of these followed by 8 end panels and 2 large double end panels all needing their coat of colouring and the first coat of varnish. He got well past half way.

The door team are in full swing with 3 doors from 4614 on the restoration benches. Craig and Mike had a distraction during the day looking at and sorting out a loose door handle on the third rake. My little contribution was to re-drill and re-tap one hinge bolt hole that was out of line on 4614. That was after getting John Varley to weld up the old hole first.

Our new starter today was Rex East who was soon to realise we never do one of anything. Our first job was to retrieve 4 radiator covers from a carriage in the yard. Not a straight forward job as we had to get through a pile of other stuff before we could reach them. Then it was out with the wire brush and remove several years accumulation of rust.

The ones needing repair were passed to John Varley for repairs before he returned them to Rex for a final clean up remarkably the 4 had then become 6. John Osborn had done 2 more on Saturday. This gives us a complete set for 4614. I also got apply a quantity of protective red oxide on various section of bare steel work

The upholstery team completed 7 seats today and managed to pack it all away before I got round to visiting them for a picture.

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