Thursday, 7 September 2017

Wednesday - Seats

Wednesday has a large but not exclusive focus on woodwork. We have the upholstery team, the door team and the carpenters all in action on Wednesdays.

On the seats front or rather the in this case the back, Colin was making and fitting a new back to theis chair for the Winchcombe stations team

While he and eddie stripped down another bench for the Broadway group. This is a short bench destined for the booking office or waiting room.

Actually working on carriage seats was Des who completed the sanding on most of the seat ends for 4614.

The upholster team or at least John and Jenny were covering another seat for the RMB. On count back they realised that the mix of long and short seats was wrong so they had to correct the balance. One extra short seat.

Not so much working on a seat as working sitting down. Everyone who works on the roof of a carriage has to find there most comfortable position Davey prefers the sitting approach. They are ow over half way along the roof cleaning and etch primer painting.

Rod on the other hand was doing the normal sanding on the end of 4763 in the paintshop.
David was also sticking to the conventional sanding.

If you are sitting down in 4614 you will expect a table and to ensure they all match. After a search of our 'stock' we couldn't find a suitable short table for the wheelchair areas. So Eddie resorted to shortening the 2 spare long tables.

Work on 4614 seems to have slowed a bit at the moment. However, the door team are still working hard at Derrick servicing one of the door locks.

while Paul was refitting the window runner on one of the doors.

Ken did a little repair work work of the corridor connection J section.

All in all we had quite a blast today. In the case of the BSK 34929 that was literally and the sole bar and underframe was shot blasted.

If only we could transform the rest of the carriage as quickly!


St Blazey 1925 said...

A lot of work accomplished considering there were just 10 of you! Well done Wednesday team. Regards, Paul.

Unknown said...

Just have to say what a fine informative blog you write

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks Val appreciated.