Thursday, 28 September 2017

Tuesday - More coverage

Just 7 in today, so generally a quiet day with most of the activity on TSO 4763 in the Paintshop.

Sitting down on the nice refurbished knealing pad, Maurice painted the first of the two top coats of "Flint Grey" along the centre section of the roof.
While Stu on the high tower top coated both sides of the roof. All that remains unpainted on the roof is a small section at the north end.

Cheryl undercoated parts of the Malvern side. It won't be long before all undercoating is finished.

The south end was also top coated - a second coat will be added.
It was time to think about the ceiling in 4763, especially as the long strip lights have been replaced with the original circular ones and there are unpainted patches. So first a big clear out of the old light covers and tubes stored inside - the base fittings had already been removed.

Dennis and I then set about covering the seats. These will need a further covering of polythene sheets.

Dennis, waving his made-on-the-spot cleaner, gave the ceiling a good rub over with white spirit.  

Richard Stone did some more work on the floor of the china clay wagon. Here he is cutting some rusted-in bolts prior to removing more rotten wood.

As it was another nice day, Richard then returned to the BR Guards Van to do some more sorting out inside.
In the Workshop John Hamer prepares a replacement droplight for one that has just shattered on the train. The temporary window-shaped board, kept in the Guards compartment for just such occasions, was fixed to the door concerned as a temporary measure. After the final run of the day John went up to Toddington where the rake is stabled overnight and fitted the new pane.

Report by Dave Clark

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