Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tuesday- Mini blog

Just a short report today. We had 10 in attendance with the main effort as expected for a Tuesday on TSO 4763.

However to start off, a photo of the jammed coupling off the BR guard's van, which with Richard Stone's efforts was rapidly being freed up. When photographed Richard was busy removing the final jammed split pin.

In the Workshop Tony was cleaning up the table supports for TSO 4614.

The growing pile of cleaned up supports.

A great deal of filling, sanding and general cleaning up of the bodywork took place today. In particular more of the Cotswold side of the roof was done.

While Maurice once again did more of the centre of the roof.

John Hughes was busy working on the Cotswold side south door, while Keith was doing similar on the Malvern side.
Maurice was on vac duty again. As previously stated in an older report, we might be making a lot of dust but we do keep in checked.

Report by Dave Clark

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