Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tuesday - A glorious day

Yes, the sun shone all day, a real treat after the endless rain. We had 7 attending, not many, but a lot was done.

An early job for Richard Stone was adding another coating of light grey to the BR Guards Van vacuum cylinder bracket featured in last Tuesday's report. The light colour helps when working underneath the van.

It was then back to the China Clay wagon and a fair amount of destruction. The seemingly solid floor was in fact somewhat rotten and unsafe to walk on. Much of this ended up in the skip as it was even too far gone for the Loco Dept to use.

Being a Tuesday, it was primarily Paintshop day with everyone else working on TSO 4763. Maurice and Stu continued the etch priming of the bare metal sections of the roof and soon had the job completed.

It was then on to undercoating in light grey.

Cheryl completed the taping up of the Cotswold side north end and then undercoated, initially the upper brown panels followed by the central cream section.
Meanwhile Adrian was busy on the Malvern side

Having had a very enjoyable early balloon flight (lucky chap on such a lovely day!), Richard Hoy came in later and completed the cream undercoating of the windows at the south end.
He then taped up the lines on this part of the coach ready for undercoating.

A glorious sunny day meant we could enjoy lunch outside again.

While waiting for the high scaffold tower to become available, it was back to working on the south end of the coach. There was also time to clean up more of the light sockets ready for fitting in 4763.

With the tower now free, it was back to fitting a new cover for the south end corridor connection. A number of these have been made up by Ken Reeves and are an excellent replacement for when the original covers are too far gone to repair.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

As you say, a lovely day, and not too cold either. Considering that there was only 7 of you, you got quite a bit achieved. Well done. Regards, Paul.