Friday, 29 September 2017

Thursday -

It was time to think about the ceiling in 4763, especially as the long strip lights have been replaced with the original circular ones and there are unpainted patches. So first a big clear out of the old light covers and tubes stored inside - the base fittings had already been removed.

Sheep's head

Back to a reasonable number attending yesterday, though we still have quite a number on holiday. Paul had a major cleaning blitz in the Mess room, including a nicely washed floor, so beware any future crumb or drink spillage!

Inside TSO 4614, Alan and Roger were back with fitting the internal window surrounds.
Robin had quite a session with items for 4614, initially varnishing the newly stained seat back tops and covers to the light shades (both in the background), before finishing with painting more of the shades.

At the north end of BSK 34929 Ken Austen was cleaning up the sheet metal around the corridor entrance.

Unfortunately I missed Pat Niblet who was working inside the coach, but a view looking towards the north end shows that there will be a lot more than just the vestibule floor that will need replacing.

There was more excellent progress with the new pipework under the green TSO 4986. John Squires threading another length of the steam heating pipe.
to connect the "sheep's head" steam chest

this was installed mid way along the carriage and completed new run of steam pipework.

Back in the Paintshop Cheryl adds the first of the bodyside top coat to the top panels on both sides of TSO 4763.

Inside the coach Phil screwed on the new vent covers.

With plastic covers providing even more protection for the seats, Bob continues the undercoating of the ceiling.

Dave Hancox adds the first top coat to the south end corridor connection door.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Much work completed it seems, but with much still to do to the vehicles currently in the works. 'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey', is the phrase. It all gets done in time, and done well, as we all can see. Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

For the ignorant could you explain how the steam heating system works and the function of the sheeps head steam chest or a lead to that information.