Monday, 4 September 2017

Thursday - Dustshop

Another good attendance with work going on all over the site, though as I was busy working on 4763 I wasn't able to capture everything, in particular out in the yard.

Beginning with TSO 4763 in the "Dustshop", the coach is now beginning to show considerable progress. With George busy sanding down yet more filler on the Cotswold side,

Dave Hancox was doing the same on the Malvern side, working on both the body side and north end door frame. Yes, it's dusty but we do a lot of regular vacuuming to kept it all down.

Phil Jones was the next of the new roofers in harness, clearing the top section of another 4 panels.

Richard did a number of jobs in both the south and north vestibules, including sorting out the locks for the cupboards in the latter.

The dismantled locks being given a good clean with WD40
He also removed all the sections of rotten window frame from the Malvern side toilet compartment.

Phil Salter was back on the lights. The reinstated centre ones are now working, while he replaces some of the failed bulbs in the side lights.

The large pile of redundant light covers which will be stored away. Being somewhat old these can be very fragile and easily split or even shatter, as we have found out when removing them while refurbishing the three DMU cars.

Oh dear, whatever happened here? Careful with the paint tins Guys!
Good progress continues with the LMS Guards Van. Derek is now working on planking out the north end veranda.
On the Malvern side of the van Bob adds a base of undercoat Light Grey. The van will be going into Freight Brown (Bauxite).


Robin undercoats all the primed handrails from the van. The longest of these are incredibly heavy and somewhat unwieldy when trying to move them around.

Moving into TSO 4614, the inside of which is now looking very good, to find Roger

and Alan fitting some newly made, stained and varnished sections of internal window frame.

Ken Austin did a load more filling and sanding on the north end of 4614.

Out into the Barn to find Pat and Tony working on another of the windows on the Malvern side of BSK 34929, once again having to deal with immovable studs in the frame.

A quick shunt to remove FK 13329 from the Jack road and bring in green TSO 4986.

John Hamer, Ken Reeves and Rob Cory were investigating the existing pipework underneath, all the old steam heating and vacuum braking pipes have long been removed as electric heating and air braking had replaced this when the coach was running on the network.

Yes, we're back out watching trains again, but who can blame us when it's "P & O" making such a splendid sight. Driver John Cruxon makes appropriate comments about "getting back to work"!

She looked even more splendid on the first train of the day when restarting from a red flag stop. The signalman had just informed the crew about the problem with Gotherington signal box.

Report by Dave Clark




St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful pictures, but I thought the LMS brake was going into LMS grey. Has there been a change of mind? The varnished walling looks great in 4614. The original centre lighting will look so much better when finished in 4763 than the plastic diffuser later BR version. Great work lads and lasses! Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

I don't think a decision had been made up until now, but it was built in 1949 under BR and is vacuum fitted so BR bauxite is the only authentic livery. It'll also go better with our bauxite freight train, much as I like the older LMS grey style.