Monday, 4 September 2017

Saturday - Off and On

On what turned out to be a nice sunny, but not too hot, day there was a lot of opportunities to get things done.

There was considerable activity in the barn with the green TSO back on the jack road. The first job begin to get the air brake system off the carriage. That's all the end connections

and the cylinders and pipe work. All was successfully removed except for one bolt that was in a rather inaccessible area and still hanging on.

after which John Squires and Ken formulated a list of pasts needed to install the vacuum braking system we operate..... 2 of those 3 of these etc.

Some parts we have in stock, fortunately, they don't come off the shelf at the local store or any other store! This gently curved pipe we put on, it links the main through pipe to the DA value and cylinder.

Also going back on was the first of the end panels on the BSK 34929 James doing a verynet job.

4614 in the workshop saw Steve install the new floor in thr disabled access vestibule of the carriage. the ceiling is next.

Another vestibule floor going on was the north end of the LMS guards van.

On but not on was the original style light fittings for 4763 in the paint shop. Once they are all on, (fitted) then Phil will no doubt switch them on. Note the very useful third hand prop hold the fitting in place while he put the screws in.

In the dustshop Alex was putting on a little more filler before much of it got sanded off again leaving a nice flat finish.

Out in the yard Richard was with assistance from Ken was putting the vacuum cylinder mount bracket on or at least in place its come off again for the actual bolt holes to be drilled out to the correct size now we know exactly where they go.

The original holes in the bracket are being welded up the bracket originally coming from a totally different vehicle with mount hole consequently in the wrong place.

Its been suggested we need more open carriages Phil suggests a seating arrangement for this 'open' carriage.

The upholstery team were putting yet anther seat cover on. Hopefully it won't be to long before we actually have a carriage to put some of these seats in!

Paul got the job of the day cleaning another seat! Yes it is one of those seats. So just who is making the tea this afternoon....... Ice cream anyone?
P.S. Its always nice to know where our readers live. This week we have had 550 Russians apparently reading the blog!


Gary Walker said...

Could I ask what id happening to the air brake equipment please?

St Blazey 1925 said...

Funny as it may seem, in the US, some steam railways do have seats fixed on such wagons, or similar, for their passengers to get a panoramic, if a little sooty and sometimes wet, ride!!! The LMS brake is coming along now and 4763 already looks better for the old light fittings. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Gary the items removed are going to be offered for sale Are you interested?

Gary Walker said...

Yes we at Havenstreet are thanks, could we possibly have photos of the components particularly the cylinders and the triple valves. Cheers Gary