Monday, 18 September 2017

Saturday - Pipe Line

We try and keep everything moving forward with a pipe line of jobs identified.

In the paintshop the jobs list has moved on to painting with the Malvern side starting to get its grey coat. Once done it's much easier to spot the bits that need a bit more filling or sanding.

On 4614 in the workshop Steve has moved on from the north vestibule floor through the wall battens to the ceiling joists. Here he is closely followed by Phil with the light fittings.

It always pays to get the lights fitted and tested before you put the ceiling up! Just in case of a wiring issue.

Another planning ahead job is getting a full set of heating pipe covers collected together. This carriage arrived with a motley selection of unmatched covers and we are having to modify some for the wheelchair area of the carriage. Arrgh, 4 short but I think we have that covered now.

With Penny and Dave back from holiday the upholstery team are back in full swing.

Although John and Jenny's game hunt the needle in the haystack is I think a bit of a cheat. Sewing from one side of the seat to the other through the horse hair is a bit of a risk when looking for the needle coming your way through the seat. However, the size of the needle they use, about 10 inches long, is a bit obvious.

Work on the replacement of the side of the China Clay Wagon has started with the removal of the rotten timber. Richard and Paul at work.

On the other hand Derek was already putting new wood into the floor of the LMS Brake Van.

It was also a day for the other sort of pipe line. This the vacuum brake pipe being installed under the other brake van in the yard. Yes 7 of us offering the assembled  pipe up into position while the securing bolts were put in. Yes we know its not how the wagon builders would have done it but out in the yard under the van we concluded this was the easiest way for us.

Where as fitting the vacuum pipe under the green TSO on the jacks was somewhat easier. Only 4 people needed here.

James kept well out of it and made good progress on welding in new steel work on the end of the BSK.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Lots of vital and positive work done. Pats on backs all round! Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Steve does the wood work. Phil does the lights. sorry to disappoint you they are not led's, just bulbs in sockets without the mounting. It tests the cabling. And when Steve fits the ceiling Phil will be close behind fitting the mount and the lights properly.