Friday, 15 September 2017

round up

Having had a few very hectic days, removing a daughters fireplace and rebuilding then plastering the wall etc, etc. that was followed by my wife's birthday,  this is a round up of what has been happening in C&W for the last week.

4614 Chris Taylor was again working on the door liners for 4614. We are replacing most of them as the old ones were rather battle worn.

|As we are converting part of the saloon for wheelchair access the radiator grills have to be modified to also cover the area where the seats would normally be. This requires shorting 2 slightly and then joining them together.

Andy then did the honours with the wire brush and then silver paint.
James had a diversion from wending the end of the BSK to make some brackets for Steve Barnfield to use for mounting the ceiling bars in the new entrance vestibule.

The brackets were soon used.

Paul joined the varnish clean up effort on the seat toppers for 4614.

 Under the Green TSO The removal of old pipework and the installation of new is going well with John Squires fitting new sections after Ken John Hamer and Andy had removed more of the old.

Alex declared the Cotswold side of 4763 ready for greying up and got stuck in.
George found some more sanding still to be done on the Malvern side

More good progress with TSO 4763 nearing the end of the lengthy preparation period.

Richard was busy working on the lock for the south end corridor door. With 4763 being the first coach in the 3rd Rake it is essential to ensure that this door can be properly secured.

Back upon the roof again, Maurice almost completed the cleaning up of the centre section, with just some parts around the filler pipe connections to sort out.

Stu and Adrian were busy cleaning up more of the Malvern side of the roof - all this is too far down for Maurice to reach. Meanwhile John was busy with more filling and sanding on the body side. A lot of the south end was also filled, with the sanding down on-going.

Alex, and Cheryl (not photographed), worked on the Cotswold side of the coach, topping up with filler where the greying up indicated that this was needed.

Later on Alex patch-painted the freshly sanded down parts, and then proceeded to grey up the window frames. 

With the roof just about completed, Stu and Adrian vacuumed to remove as much of the accumulated dust as possible. The Paintshop floor was similarly re-vacuumed to remove more roof scrapings and dust leaving the whole area relatively cleaned up.

Vivien was preparing two more of the repaired chairs from the Weighbridge Hut, painting on "Teak" coloured varnish. These will also have new padding and moquette covers.

Richard Stone had freshly undercoated the re-engineered bracket to hold the vacuum cylinder in the correct plane to the opposite bracket underneath the BR Good Van. The original three holes at the top end have been welded over, with three new 18 mm holes drilled.

"When did you say this train will leave?!!!!"

Davey getting to grips with the safety harness before going on top to continue the roof clean up

Trevor was continuing the work on the Malvern side

while David took on the Cotswold side

Craig checked out the door hinges on 4614 door 1a

while Paul was working on the door itself.

Teamwork in the upholstery section with John and Jenny doing the cover stretch together.

Nick started the investigation of the steel work at south end of the BSK

before making a pair of pipe hangers for Ken
who later, when they had cooled down, painted and fitted them under the green TSO

Phil Jones was on the roof 4763 today completing the clean up and sealing round some of the air vent cowls before starting back at the far end with etch primer.

With painting now underway on the Cotswold side of 4763 Alex was enjoying his last visit before departing for university, good luck Alex.

The next carriage in line is 4614 where Alan and Roger were fitting window woods. This is never an easy job as most pieces have to trimmed to fit. ware, repairs and the dimensions of replacement parts, metric v. imperial, all contribute to the causes that call on their skills to 'make it all fit together'

on down the line of carriages in the works the next window glass was being put back in to the BSK while I prepared for the frame of another window to go back in on Saturday.

On again the pipework under the green TSO is coming together well. The steam heat pipe work now runs from both ends and meets in the middle where the distribution point and drip valve will be fitted.

Malcolm was working in the extremes of volunteering today here at the dirty end cleaning up components from the bogies being overhauled. He had started the day at the other end smartly dressed and hosting a coach party as part of the meet and greet team.

We are pleased to see that Robin didn't kick the bucket but gave it a nice coat of new paint. This bucket of from the model railway carriage where he does a great job as par of the model railway team.
We also had a visit from Bob Webb on Wednesday to lay the screed flooring in the vestibule of 4763 and on Thursday to lay the flooring itself.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Coo! Reads like 'War and Peace', duration wise, not that I'm complaining though! The longer a blog, the better, I say. What an amount of work completed this week. I reckon that you will miss Alex. Hope he enjoys his time at University. All good stuff and well reported. Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Thanks Paul, I hope so too! Will certainly miss it here, at least I can still keep up with progress, and check up on the lining out! ;)