Friday, 29 September 2017

Thursday -

It was time to think about the ceiling in 4763, especially as the long strip lights have been replaced with the original circular ones and there are unpainted patches. So first a big clear out of the old light covers and tubes stored inside - the base fittings had already been removed.

Sheep's head

Back to a reasonable number attending yesterday, though we still have quite a number on holiday. Paul had a major cleaning blitz in the Mess room, including a nicely washed floor, so beware any future crumb or drink spillage!

Inside TSO 4614, Alan and Roger were back with fitting the internal window surrounds.
Robin had quite a session with items for 4614, initially varnishing the newly stained seat back tops and covers to the light shades (both in the background), before finishing with painting more of the shades.

At the north end of BSK 34929 Ken Austen was cleaning up the sheet metal around the corridor entrance.

Unfortunately I missed Pat Niblet who was working inside the coach, but a view looking towards the north end shows that there will be a lot more than just the vestibule floor that will need replacing.

There was more excellent progress with the new pipework under the green TSO 4986. John Squires threading another length of the steam heating pipe.
to connect the "sheep's head" steam chest

this was installed mid way along the carriage and completed new run of steam pipework.

Back in the Paintshop Cheryl adds the first of the bodyside top coat to the top panels on both sides of TSO 4763.

Inside the coach Phil screwed on the new vent covers.

With plastic covers providing even more protection for the seats, Bob continues the undercoating of the ceiling.

Dave Hancox adds the first top coat to the south end corridor connection door.

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Wednesday - Pairs

This is the of year like it or not that peoples thoughts turn to toward Christmas. Thus it is with the railway. Santa special tickets are apparently selling well and his elves are starting to prepare things. The sleigh is in for service and apparently the reindeer have been put out to pasture.
Thus it fell to Penny to rustle up some new stock. Stating with a very small one (red in the picture) she grew it up to be a little black one. Then on to a large one (hiding a on the white sheet) and finally drawing out a large one on the wood panel. This was passed on to Eddie in the woodwork shop with instructions that we need a pair of them.

Steve Smith is back to the manufacture of the LED strips. These are made with a pair of LED light strips mounted onto a right angled section of aluminium. With a small circuit board of his own design these replace the original strips and allow us to remove the now very old inverters.

They will not be used in 4763 though as this carriage is being returned to its original lighting system. So Davis is here doing a little filling where the old strip light fittings have been removed.

Following on, sometime later,  is Trevor with the undercoat.
Earlier the pair had undercoated the Malvern side of 4763

Another pair working together, Tony starting at the north end of the line of seat ends

while Des started at the south end.

 They later moved onto undercoating the table light fittings for 4614.

Not so much looking for a pair of screws but a whole set screws that were all mixed in with others. So Derek spread them all out to see what was what. (he wasn't as suggested by one person looking a needle)
Someone else with a thousand bit was John Hamer. This bucket load of glass fragments is all that left from the shattered window he replaced yesterday.

Ainsley with assistance from some other members of the railway was busy doing the electrical PAT testing for the department. It all gets documented!

We had a pair of welder in today as well Ken fitting the missing door bumpers on 4614 while John Varley completed the welding of the door pillar on the BSK 42929 before he and I took a trip to get 2 new bottles of Argon Light for the mig welding units.

Paul and Mike were working on a pair of door for 4614 Just one left on the workbench here as we had just hung the other one ready for Chris to finish the door liner and lock plate installation for door 2 of 4614.

Malcolm seems to have gone from one extreme to the other. Having retired from roof painting today we found him cleaning and painting the bogies.
and at the end of the day Eddie had cut out the first of our pair of new reindeer for Santa.

Tuesday - More coverage

Just 7 in today, so generally a quiet day with most of the activity on TSO 4763 in the Paintshop.

Sitting down on the nice refurbished knealing pad, Maurice painted the first of the two top coats of "Flint Grey" along the centre section of the roof.
While Stu on the high tower top coated both sides of the roof. All that remains unpainted on the roof is a small section at the north end.

Cheryl undercoated parts of the Malvern side. It won't be long before all undercoating is finished.

The south end was also top coated - a second coat will be added.
It was time to think about the ceiling in 4763, especially as the long strip lights have been replaced with the original circular ones and there are unpainted patches. So first a big clear out of the old light covers and tubes stored inside - the base fittings had already been removed.

Dennis and I then set about covering the seats. These will need a further covering of polythene sheets.

Dennis, waving his made-on-the-spot cleaner, gave the ceiling a good rub over with white spirit.  

Richard Stone did some more work on the floor of the china clay wagon. Here he is cutting some rusted-in bolts prior to removing more rotten wood.

As it was another nice day, Richard then returned to the BR Guards Van to do some more sorting out inside.
In the Workshop John Hamer prepares a replacement droplight for one that has just shattered on the train. The temporary window-shaped board, kept in the Guards compartment for just such occasions, was fixed to the door concerned as a temporary measure. After the final run of the day John went up to Toddington where the rake is stabled overnight and fitted the new pane.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 25 September 2017

Saturday - round up

The final part of Dave's email to for Thursdays blog didn't get through but finally it has arrived. So this is the last bit from Thursday.:

Returning to TSO 4763's progress, Richard Hoy initially completed undercoating parts of the Cotswold side of the coach, before moving round to do the south end on the Malvern side.

Cheryl meanwhile greyed up the north end of the same side as far as the end door. The final toilet section had been done the day before.

Jim began by sanding down the north end corridor door and then completed the surrounding dark grey undercoating.
Phil and Jim continued the roof undercoating and achieved quite a lot, leaving just a small area to finish the job.

Back to Robin, this time painting the cleaned-up light sockets for 4763.

A final look at the overall coach, with the south end undercoating also completed.

Now onto Saturday

Jenny and John completed another seat and are looking for their next project.

We did slip a quick job in for them the other day. This one of the kneelinh pads we use for various jobs around the works. its so much easier on our aging knees! The team duly recovered it as it was getting very tatty.
Dave was on a tidy up which meant he ended up doing some of the bitty jobs. this one came in about 16 sections. The seat topper strips for 4614

On the carriage itself, Chris was in fitting another of the door liners. This one is door 2, we still have to refit the lock of course, he also started on one of the liners for door 1. This is another job that comes in repeated parts there are 12 door liners to a standard carriage you just hope we don't need to replace them all when a carriage comes in. I think we have got away with only doing 10 for this carriage!

James was again working on the north end and Malvern side of the BSK 24929 in the barn. The ndwe section of steel lined up ready to be welded in place. a nod of the head the mask comes down and away he goes.

Yes this picture is the right way up although even I had to look at it twice! We are so used to seeing the light at the top of a picture. This is the underside the Green TSO where the pipe work was getting a lot of attention from a small team volunteers. They have got most of the new pipe in place. Its a question of getting the distribution values set up on the seat pipe and final joints on the vacuum pipe.
Richard also put the small window frame in the Malvern side of the BSK before sorting out the door bumper positions on 4614. Having changed from single to double doors some extra one are required.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Thursday - Steady Progress

Despite a number of regulars being away, we still had a good number attending.

The first photo of the day caught Tony Baker using the belt sander to tidy up a section of internal window framing for BSK 34929.

Later on he was with Pat installing another window pane on the Cotswold side of the coach, a tricky job definitely needed two people.

On the same side Nick was working on the north end door frame, initially preparing to remove the very rusted z-bar and then with all-important spacers in place he welded in a new section..

David worked on a small window on the Malvern side of 34929, initially cleaning up all around the surrounding panelling. He then had to remove two broken embedded screws in the back of the frame and was photographed re-tapping the drilled out holes. The final job was to lay the sealant around the frame edge ready for its reinstating.

Just outside the Barn Malcolm was happily cleaning up one of the bogies but eventually was driven inside as the rain increased somewhat.

Up on the Workshop mezzanine Steve was working on another LED strip.

Also working on electrics was Richard Bates, here producing a batch of dynamo straps.

Tony Barnard cleaned up a batch of the wood strips that line the backs of the seats for TSO 4614. By the time he left there was quite a pile on the Paintshop trestles ready for staining and varnishing.

Alan was carefully cutting new lengths of beading to fit above the windows inside the Cotswold side of 4614.

Robin painted more of the heating pipe covers for 4614. Behind him is the covered mountain of re-upholstered seats, many of which are destined for the coach.

The fitting out of the north veranda floor of the LMS Guards Van is coming along very well.