Thursday, 31 August 2017

Wednesday - Variety

Since the opening of the new building extension we have a lot more vehicles to work on Currently there are 7 undergoing some sort of overhaul or restoration. This enables us to spread out and avoid trying to work in the same area at the same time. It also allows people a wider choice of activities.

Today's range was as wide as ever.

Jenny, abandoned by the rest of the upholstery team, soldiered on with the covering of  2 more seats.

Malcolm, having retired from the roof painting, has found a more comfortable occupation and a nice seat for the job as well. By the end of  the day all of the sub frame of the LMS Brake van was nicely painted black.
In the paintshop Trevor and Alan were continuing the sanding and filling 

They were later joined by Rod who started on the north end.

Progress on 4614 is good with Nick making and welding the brackets for the sliding north end door. I later drilled all the bolt holes for the floor battens to be fixed in place.

Eddie and Colin cut a set of new curved wood sections for the door liners

while Paul fixed a new bottom rail to one of the doors
and Mike refitted the lock to another of the doors.

 Also emerging from the woodwork team were a set of widow frame edge strips which were duly given a coat of protecting varnish

Among the thing that just appear for the team to work on were a pair of chairs for the friends of Winchcombe group. Dave Ward set about regluing the frame

The other chair already glued and clamped while the glue sets.
There was also some more rodding for S&T that needed attention. Acquiring parts to rebuild things, in this case the signal box at Broadway, has its drawbacks. Like the parts are often not the right size so they get sent over for the length to be adjusted.

Out in the barn work on bogies continued. This was one very stuck axle box. John and Ken eventually got it to move.....      but only a few inches. It is now stuck in another position but any movement is good with these things. Its called progress but there is still some more work to do on this one.

Tuesday - Mainly 4763

Eleven in today with the concentration being on TSO 4763 in the Paintshop. John Hamer came in later to do more work on the bogies under FK13329, and while in also sorted out a problem with the Malvern side double doors on BSO 9000 in the main rake (one of the latch guides had come loose, jamming the doors together). Vivien also came in to do more work on reupholstering another chair.

Over the years we have got so used to Malcolm sorting out our coach roofs that it would be easy to forget that we now have to do them until it was too late! So Maurice is the first of our newly qualified roofers to begin life upon high, with Stu up on the tower working on the sides. Together they cleared about seven sections, which, following a good wipe down, can now be coated with the grey etch primer.

It was good to have Cheryl back after some time away doing her volunteer work for the Prestbury Memorial Trust. Initially the sanding down the filler on the Cotswold side of 4763 was done by just her and Ken.

Later on they were joined by John Hughes, with Richard Hoy continuing the clean up of the window frames.

My own work involved a big clean up of the north end corridor connection and digging out yet another hole!

Keith cleaned up the north end door frame and edges on the Malvern side.

All the remaining grab handles were also removed which makes life a lot easier for the work in hand. Thankfully none of the captive nuts came loose despite the handles being secured by some lengthy bolts, one of them being slightly bent and very awkward to remove.

Richard Stone was back in and under the BR Guards Van, initially cleaning up the area for the brackets that hold the rotating cam for the vacuum braking system. Here positioning one of the brackets.

Report by Dave Clark
Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 28 August 2017

Saturday - making it all new

A very quiet day at the railway today it seems most people to preferred sitting in a bank holiday week-end traffic jam on the M5 to having a pleasant ride on the trains.

John Osborn did make it in and completed the making of a new hinge. (I can't remember what it was for! Getting old)

The completed hinge.

Pam puzzling over the letter sizing and shaping for the light brackets we are making for the Tim Mitchell building. We have a plan but I'm not sure its cunning yet.

Continuing with the welding group James had problems of his own, extensive rust adjacent to rotten wood. This is not a good combination it doesn't take much to set the rotten wood on fire!

However, with the wood cut back and the rust cut out he was able to start the rebuilding of the structural steel work on this section of the BSK

On 4614 work has moved on. The steel work is welded in so Steve was able to start rebuilding the woodwork. Bolting the floor bearers in position is fiddly as some of the nuts can only be put in by feel, in seen.

The main cross bearers in place Steve gave a coat of protective treatment to the wood sections for the outer edge. Once they have dried off they will go into place next week. followed by the floor sheeting itself.

In the paintshop the initial 'must do' repairs are under way before painting can start. Richard, with some assistance, removed the south end sliding doors to investigate the floor under the door guide rail.

The conclusion was what floor? So Chris was called in to remove the rotten section and patch in a strip of hard wood

while Dave was using bridging filler to resolve issues with some holes at the north end. This is  only a quick refurbishment and repaint so we are not calling in the welders!

Another 'quick job' on some bogies in the barn required the removal of the tie bars. They never want o come and seem to like going back on even less.

With the body in the air Andy and Ian set about one of the less desirable jobs that has to be done. Replacement of the toilet shute.

With the shot blasting completed on the guards van a start is being made to reinstalling a vacuum brake system. The new pipework has been made in the workshop but has to come out for a test fit. This is only one end of it!

So nothing much has passed this way for a while. 

Dave started on the replacement of rotting planking on the China Clay Wagon. The first job was to remove the steel brackets. Remarkably the nuts and bolts actually undid.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Thursday - Different things

Back to more usual Thursday numbers with 20 attending. Another very varied day with some different aspects.

A busy moment outside the Barn. Yes, it's nice to watch the trains and see all our hard work go by.

Then it was a final farewell to the DMU 51363, returning to Toddington a day early behind the Class 73. Unfortunately the main DMU has now broken down! So this may be a timely return to service.

Ken was back on the north corridor connection for BSK 34929.

Pat (with Tony inside) carefully drills out rusted in studs in one of the window frames on the Malvern side of 34929.

In the Workshop Roger was stripping another section of internal window frame from TSO 4614,

while inside the carriage Alan secures another renovated piece on the Malvern side.

Derek displays the template he has made for the wood plank to fit around the south end cabin door on the LMS van.

By the end of the day the new plank was in place and the door put back on.

New wood has been cut to line the angle iron inside the south end veranda. The metal threshold strips are primed and ready for fixing.

While TSO 4763 is in for its quick refurbishment we are going to replace the strip lighting inside with the original style.

Phil Salter steadily removes the strips and then the old circular bases that remained underneath.

The newer strip sections pile up outside the coach.

Two of the old base units displaying both sides.

All the old bases so far removed are being cleaned up and primed in oxide, Bob and Robin taking this on during the afternoon. They will be undercoated and then repainted in white gloss.

General sanding and filling continued on both sides of the coach with Richard Hoy, Phil Jones, Dave Hancox, George and Alex all getting well stuck in with this important work. More digging out of holes in the infamous top corners also took place - we may have to patch some of these with sheet metal.

Equally important is getting all the window frames cleaned up, and not forgetting the door edges and internal door frames, the latter two in particular can easily be forgotten.

Bob's first job of the day was continuing the removal of the transfers. This the Malvern side.
And now for something completely different. Alex was requested to replace the "L A V E R T O N" headboard for the DMU with one for "B U C K L A N D". Having drawn onto tracing paper the new word, with correctly sized and spaced letters, he initially brushes French chalk on the back of the paper.
With the chalked side placed on the headboard, the paper is correctly positioned and taped down tightly.

Alex then carefully runs his pencil over each letter, which leaves a chalk imprint when the paper is removed.

He now very carefully paints each marked letter in cream undercoat. All that remains is to coat each letter in cream gloss and tidy up the brown background.
It won't be much longer before we can replace "B U C K L A N D" with "B R O A D W A Y" !
Report by Dave Clark