Monday, 31 July 2017

Saturday - Assessments

With the diesel gala in full swing and a number of our volunteers thus directed to stewarding duties the C&W active numbers were down.

However, there was still a wide range of things happening; not necessarily where you might expect like the meeting under the guards van. here Richard, Paul and John Squires debate what to do about the vacuum pipe. Well sometimes if you can see what you are talking about its easier to decide. Thus it was in this case as agreement was made as to where to cut the pipe for extraction and examination purposes.

It was a good decision as the pipe was successfully removed then easily assessed and cleaned.

There was more assessment of TSO 4986 with Clive checking all around the window corners for possible holes. We will soon have a clear picture of what work will have to be done.
The roof showed  rather more for concern with the both breather pipes having a surround of rust and holes

James was hoping to weld in a new section of top hat on the north end of BSK 34929 today. It was soon apparent that the adjacent wood work was in such bad condition the angle grinder was in danger of igniting it. Steve was called in to remove the offending woodwork giving James a clear area to work in.

Seeing the adjacent door pillar we also decided to remove the door. Yes not much pillar left!

The door was soon stripped down by Ken and myself ready for Derek from the door team to clean up the components ready for restoration.

 We left John and James to sweep up the remains of both the wood and the door pillar.

Having removed the vacuum pipe one of the blanking brackets was also removed and Kevin was soon at work removing the surface rust

While Dave was building up a seat base
Jenny and John were sewing a new covers on the seat back.

The DMU carriage was getting admiring comments as people realised why the running set had one blue and 2 green cars.  Pam and Ainsley were busy on the interior of the guards area.

4614 was not neglected either. Steve replaced the panelling at the north end of the saloon area and agreed the positioning of the floor support top hats for the vestibule area. We are putting some extra support for the wheel chairs.  I was investigating the door 2 hinge mountings. Hopefully a trial hang of the door on Wednesday.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Thursday - divide and conquer

The interior team have been split across 2 carriages lately with Pat and Tony working on windows in the BSK. However, today there was a change of emphasis with the need to remove some of the floor at the north end for new steel work to be put in place to support the floor. The original being rusted beyond repair.

Here Pat starts removing the skirting along the corridor before lifting the floor panel. He was taking great care not to back up very far as they had already removed the section of floor that was behind him!

Tony had been called away to assist Alan in 4614 with the installation of the last 2 windows. The first of the 2 went in without problems.

Then it was clean up the final window pane. Having done so they couldn't find the kite mark. So this pane was put aside and a search of the 'stores' was made to find a suitable replacement.

Once that was cleaned it up; it was installed completing all the windows in the carriage. Another landmark in the restoration cycle completed for TSO 4614..

The assessment of TSO 4986 continued today with a test of the water tank. The roof tank proved to be fine but the connections to the cistern tank are leaking.

 This carriage, having previously been operating on the mainline, has the centre doors shut out of use. So Ken started on the process of bringing them back into use. Both centre door now lock, unlock and open all be it without handles at present.

On the inside of the door the locking blocks used to prevent the windows being opened were removed.

 Ken Austin started the day by preparing some top hat steel work to be put in place for support of the wheel chair access vestibule at the north end of 4614.The exact location is still to be agreed but now they are the right length we can place then for measurements to be made.
he then did some more sanding and filling on one of the doors.
Dave busy sanding the back of a door on the DMU baggage area.

Later in the paintshop Dave and Robin stopped for a chat. Well it was more interesting than watch the paint they had just put on the various wood panels dry. They have also cleaned up the frame of the DMU drivers seat and applied a coat of red oxide to that as well.

Back to work Dave checks and touches up the paint work on the top edges of the doors.

 As carriages come into the workshops the maintenance team upgrade the charging circuits of each carriage. Here Richard Bates prepares the connection boxes for the BSK. It is easier to do while the carriages are in the workshop.

Wednesday - Wind Up

Another day of wide ranging activity in C&W with doors and seats featuring.

The door team are in full swing with the doors from 4614. Here Paul fitting a lock to door 6a.

Nick completed welding in place a new door pillar and hinge mount plates for door 2
and Craig was starting the process of positioning and fitting the hinges for door 6b

Clive was finishing the shaping of a window trim strip. One of many done during the day.
We have started a detailed survey of TSO 4986 with a view to it being the next carriage in for restoration. We know a complete new vacuum system and probably steam heat pipework below sole bar level will be needed. Steve Smith is starting the assessment of requirements for LED lighting in the carriage.

Much work has already been done even if it is mainly the upholstery team stripping the seats out.
The upholstery team have started making new seats for the carriage having used the original ones to make a set for the RMB in the second rake. When that swap is done there will be some to come back for 4986 but not a complete set. Dave Dron and John Hill set about cutting some foam padding to shape

while Penny got the template out to mark up the next piece of moquette.

Always happy to provide support to other departments we had a literal request for said support. The chair from the P'Way mess coach,  needed some welding to prevent the next user from ending up on the floor!
Still on seats the Broadway bench got a coat of undercoat brown today.

Having done the carriage welding Nick did some more work on the LMS guards van fire grate. While we wouldn't advise trying to use it for a fire it will at least look the part when reinstalled.

The final 'wind up' for this blog report is the shot of Jenny cleaning up in the mess room following afternoon tea.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tuesday - Hard work rewarded

An excellent day with 14 in, a good number for a Tuesday.

The highlight was of course seeing FO 3132 "Mary" in the reorganised Chocolate & Cream rake in the first train of the day. A real reward for all the hard work that went into restoring the coach over the past 2 years. No surprise that it was the most patronised coach each time the train came by!

Having a grandstand view each time was Richard Stone as he was back working on the BR Guards Van. Steve Barnwood brought in a load of photos, which he has leant Richard, showing the same type of van that we restored in 2008.

Steve meanwhile was busy adding yet more new veneer panelling inside TSO 4614. This coach is now really coming together.

Also in the Workshop Dennis added some final bits of filler to the Broadway bench before giving it all another coat of wood primer. We can now undercoat this in brown.

Phil Brown painted the centre panel of the new memorial board in GW Cream, while in the background Phil Jones added another top coat of white gloss to the new "Out of Order" signs. The DMU guards seat frame awaits attention.

Prior to this Phil Jones had top coated the cupboard from W51363's guards compartment in Silver Grey, the same colour that will be used for the guards/luggage compartment and driving cab.

Talking of which, Stuart and Maurice, later joined by John Hughes, undercoated the ceiling, walls and all the extra bits in the guards/luggage compartment.

Richard Hoy cleaned out the driving cab before adding top coat to the ceiling.

  Ainsley started black glossing the sole bar and steps. Two of the latter (both in the triple array leading to the guards compartment) will need replacing before they can be painted.

John Hughes added a second coat of yellow to the warning panel
Alex and Cheryl completed the second top coating of green on the Cotswold and Malvern sides respectively.

With the top coat drying very quickly in the warmth of the Paintshop, the initial line tapes were removed and, where glossing had been done on Saturday, Alex made a start on lining out the sides of the DMU.

With the blue squares painted by Alex and red buffer beam painted by Phil Jones, W51363 is beginning to look very impressive.

 Report by Dave Clark