Friday, 30 June 2017

Thursday - On top of the job

After an early trip out to replenish the Argon Gas supplies for the welding team, a job best done on a Thursday as the truck is more usually available, I got back to find Malcolm preparing to paint the roof of the BSK. The two sides are now done and the first coat along the top.
Its a good job the BSK is going into Chocolate and Cream, that means the roof is flint grey, because I needed the hi-build black tin of paint for the roof of the DMU which is where I was heading.

Under the BSK pretty well the only evidence of Richard Bates was 2 feet protruding from under the battery box. He was taking the opportunity of a nice seat, one of our PADDED kneeling pads, to do some rewiring of the charging circuit for the carriage.
Tony, and yesterday Pat, were busy removing and cleaning up various sections of the window trim from the BSK These will be stored while we work on the floor several sections of which will need replacement.

Back in the workshop the top coat painting of the ceiling of 4614 has started. As is the process for this carriage Bob starting at the south end.
That process has moved into the north end as far as the window refitting goes. Ron and Alan mark up another section of window trim ready to hold the glass in place once they put it in.
The prep work continued in the paintshop with Dave, Cheryl and Richard Hoy

By mid afternoon Dave declared enough and Richard and he started on the taping up of the Cotswold side. Richard even managed to get the paint out, a dark grey undercoat first.

Elsewhere the two Brake vans were both getting attention. With the rain falling Paul took cover in the barn to clean more steel work removed from the Van in the yard.

while in the workshop Derek started sorting out the lengths of timber for the Malvern side of the LMS brake van.

Wednesday - Double Doors

Progress is again moving forward at a pace in all the workshops after a bit of a hiatus with the completion and role out of  FO 3132.
The focus on Wednesday's is usually in the main workshop and today was no exception with the second door being fitted to the Cotswold side wheel chair access. After much positioning and alignment checking Paul was clear to mark up and start drilling the hinge bolt holes. Just one pilot hole in each hinge first. Then an opening and closing check. 

Later in the day with one proper bolt in each hinge the door is positioned and the rest of the bolts holes can be drilled and tapped next week.

Mike was in the woodwork shop starting to put the door hinge halves on the second door for the Malvern side. Maybe we can start the hanging process on that next week.

So we will soon be moving onto doorway 2 of 4614. To that end John Varley completed welding in a new section of trim.

Keeping the work moving forward on the interior of 4614 Des and here Tony were removing the old varnish and sanding the seat ends. These get badly scratched over the years with suitcases and bag buckles being dragged through the carriage. While we don't normally have passengers with such items removing the damage from the past is still a challenge. Even BR veneers where never particularly thick so without care its easy to sand through what is left when trying to remove a mark and have to replace the whole section.

In the paintshop the prep work on the DMU continued with work on the inside of the doors. There are a lot of them! Trevor and Ainsley working along the Malvern side Later in the day they were joined by Rod on the Cotswold side.

 So that's where the water was getting in. A hole in the roof on the Malvern side to be plated and sealed.

The BSK in the barn is not being forgotten as David cuts away more of the rotten end plate. Plenty of work for the welders this week-end.

After reports of leaking off brakes on the freight during the gala Phil and John Hamer did a full brake test on the rake of wagons while moving other wagons around the yard. Two were found to have faults but we already knew of them both, the others were ok.

The upholstery team were negotiating with Eddie for some plywood sections for seat bases. They have just 2 seats and backs left to do for the complete RMB replacement set.

Dave fixing a new cover on one of the seat bases

While we are on seats, Eddie and Dave Ward delivered this low level seat to the paintshop for finishing today.

With it up on some trestles it is more easily worked on and recognisable as the seat for the Broadway bench seat. The wood has already been sealed and after a light sand was primed.

Russ joined us today while waiting for some work to be completed on the station phone box which he was planning to do some interior paint on. So he did the next bit of the undercoating on the memorial board for Toddington. A cream board with brown edging very GWR.

Tuesday - Another mini report

Eleven of us in today, nearly all working on the DMU and doing much the same so just a short report. However some very good progress.

The filler used to fill the many craters in the existing thick covering of paint on the fibreglass cab cover was sanded down by Stuart and Maurice. Over the course of the day, two coats of cream undercoat were then applied, and even with this, the overall appearance is greatly improved. The remaining roof was given a good vacuuming to removed much of the dust.

For Cheryl,
Richard Hoy and Adrian, it was back to sanding down door backs. While Bob, having cleaned up the roof, was now cleaning out the gutters.

Inside the DMU Keith was giving the final clean-up to the Formica where the old peeling vinyl coverings had been removed. Much of this now also looks so much better.

There is still an amount of preparation work to do on 51363 but we are now really getting there and it shouldn't be too long before the tape is on and paint brushes out. We need to crack on with this quick refurbishment because this is an operational vehicle.

Richard J was also in and serviced one of the vacuum cylinders in our stock. A final test was to raise the cylinder and see if the piston slowly pulled out - it didn't so a perfect seal!

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 26 June 2017

Saturday - falling apart

The workshops were a little quieter today with a lot of activity and noise going on outside as Thomas was about

with one of his friends, though which one was a bit of a puzzle as 4270 doesn't really look like any of the pictures in my set of (original) Thomas books.
I think 4270 was only out as 2 of the other more likely locos had failed during the week and are 'under repair'
Dave took over the restore of the route indicator box on the DMU as it can easily be reached with th elarge scaffold tower

George was busy removing the old 'Do not lean out.... ' warning stickers over each door.

Derek was in need of bashing something today so set about making the base plate of the south end veranda fit.

Ken continued to cut out more of the rusted end of the BSK, now moved onto the barn road from the jack road.

James was preparing the second section of base plate for the north end of the carriage.

(What do you mean it just fell in half?)
 well this steel plate is far to heavy in one piece and we don't need any larger sections so that fine. At least 2 of can now lift it, ........just.

Having cut the section he actually wants it was soon positioned

and by the edn of the day the 2 sections of crash pillar had been added.
 just the centre section to be put in next week.

On the internal front Steve was completing the panelling at the south end. This will be stained and then varnished.

Out in the barn Paul was de-rusting another bracket from the Brake van in the yard.

while the upholstery team relaxed before heading home from another successful day.

However, poor old Henry has fallen totally apart.
Phil has taken the 'Hat' to the workshop for investigations.

Another falling apart was the this ex-trolley jack condemned after the lifting tackle inspection. The lifting arm has been removed and a channel section is being inserted. With the addition of a short handle we will have an ideal trolley to move that sheet of steel around the workshop without giving anyone a hernia.


Thursday - Keep the work flowing

Fitting the work together to try and keep things flowing for everybody when every they happen to come in is a challenging exercise.

Today and anticipating James being in on Saturday to do more welding Ken was continuing the removal of the rusted baseplate from the north end of the BSK 34929

Robin cleaned up the guards area and started on painting it.

In the corridor Pat and Tony were removing panelling that will need restoration.

while Roger was preparing the beading strips for 4614.

and assembling them into sets ready for fitting, while Ron and Alan were fitting another window glass back in. we are now halfway along the Malvern side. so 4 windows still to go.

On the exterior John Varley welded in 3 strips of new metal to the door opening of door 3 on the carriage.

and I pondered starting on the roof of the DMU from this angle it look a long way to the other end even if it is only around 60 feet. 

Later in the day and having been joined by Bob who worked on the Cotswold side of the roof the stripped off section and the treated areas start to show some progress. Red oxide on the rusted bits and etch primer on the bare galvanise of the roof panels.

The only really problematic section is the top of the fibreglass route indicator box which looks in a bad state! On the steel we would chip the cracked paint off but on the fibreglass I am rather wary of the approach.

Then there is the question of this area. What was on top here? Do we just plate over the hole?

Dave and here Richard Hoy were progressing the sanding and repainting of the north end corridor connection

Further afield or at least halfway down the yard Paul and Richard Stone have completed the removal of what remained of the long base timber on the Cotswold side of the Brake van. The now exposed white(ish) section is a section of the concrete ballast of the van

George had a change from sanding and filling today by taking over the undercoating of the memorial board destined for Toddington