Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Tuesday - A lot of air

Lucky 13 in attendance on a very busy day.

Cheryl was back varnishing a number of items, not only the parts from TSO 4614

and FO 3132 (as pictured), but also completing the new building doors. More light fittings for 4614 were also coated with silver Hammerite.

While all that was going on, in the Workshop Maurice and Stu changed from air sanding on BSK 34929 to air grinding the Cotswold side hand rails from the LMS guards van. With all the old paint removed the rails can now be coated in red oxide, prior to painting.

Air sanding was also being done by Adrian on the Malvern side and myself on the Cotswold side of 34929. What with the other work, the compressor was going for most of the day.
At the south end of 34929 Richard, having applied rust cure, began filling the mass of pits and troughs in the old paintwork. This coach seems to be generally covered in a mass of striations - thankfully we have no more like it!
By the end of the day, Richard was sanding down his filler, while I had cleaned up and applied rust cure to the next section. As all the doors will be removed and generally rebuilt, these have been left for now.

Tony Barnard prepared the painted window sliders from TSO 4614

and then began reinstating them on the Cotswold side of the coach now that the windows have been finished.

 Richard Stone was again working on the BR brake van in the yard. The van, having stood in a garden for some 25 years or more has not surprisingly pretty well seized up and is extremely dirty underneath (photo: Richard Stone)

With the help of Dennis Stevens the larger section of the brake rigging were brought back to the Barn for cleaning up. This photo was taken as quickly as possible because that item was somewhat heavy!

 Not all the parts were heavy but they all needed cleaning (photo: Richard Stone)

and after cleaning it was reassembly time, now which side did the washer go? No problem and soon it was all back together. The other end is still to do! (photo:Richard Stone)

In the Upholstery shop Vivian is preparing the seat cover for one of the two repaired and re-varnished chairs, which may now end up in the Coffee Pot café on the station.

And talking of cafes, most of our happy Tuesday gang enjoying the 11:00 tea break in the Mess room.

Unfortunately the two acoustic panels that had been mounted last week in the Mess Room were down on the tables when I entered first thing in the morning. The adhesive Velcro tape did not stick to the wall as well as we hoped. The answer was to add small brackets top and bottom, with John Hughes helping Ainsley to fit them. The large table in Upholstery was ideal for this.

John and Ainsley, with myself helping at the end of the day, securely fitted almost all the panels on the wall. The remaining ones will be fitted with one at each end, while another will be modified to fill the remaining gap on the main wall. Although not quite finished there was definitely an improvement even with just two of us at the end of the day. It will be interesting to see what happened the next day with the usual larger attendance.

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