Friday, 26 May 2017

Thurasday - Investigations

Today the work on the freight wagons for the gala was completed. Several of the axle boxes were found to have water in them. So the axle boxes concerned were removed and, taking advantage of the sun, allowed to dry out in the sun before being remounted and refilled with oil.

In the barn Peter Holt was investigating a noisy roller berring. Here is why, you can see the pitting and damage to the rollers, (the dark patches).
The barn follows the ambient outside temperature fairly closely so although you have shade the heat is still there. Jim found in to hot for the full overalls while painting the Cotswold side of the roof of the BSK

as did Malcolm who was painting the other side.
George was making progress on some filling before switching to the rivet line, (the lover long black line in the picture) for some Chem Metal filling which is very much better along this joint line.
Ken set about removing the communication cord rodding across the end of the carriage. He didn't get much resistance fro the rust which didn't bode well for the rest of the end.

So investigations continued with Ken biting the bullet and taking an angle grinder to the north end of the BSKs lower panel. We had our suspicions and they weren't good!

Little to say about this UGGGHH! So that's a new base plate and lower section of pillar then. If you are not familiar with what you are looking at the 3 inch high heap of rust shouldn't be there and the lower 2 horizontal strips should be one solid steel plate.This of course means the panelling out of the vestibule and the floor out as well.

Back to the paintshop for a little recovery time. Robin painting the inner end section of the corridor connection

while Phil was working on the door trims preparing them for final painting.

Final now there is a point. In the workshop David refitted the final window frame to 4614. That's about 14 of the 16 out and now back in with all the window corners repaired.

So its over to this happy pair and their team mates, Ron and Alan refitting the wooden internal trim to the second of the 8 windows on the Malvern side of the carriage

and later Ron with Roger putting the mastic sealing strip round the glass for the third window.

Roger had started the day in C&W, disappeared to do a 'meet and greet' on the lunch time train and was back to help here during the afternoon!

Dave back from holiday found some easy painting to do, first fitting the veranda entrance strip to the Queen Mary brake van then touching up one of the step edges.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Not looking too good at the one end of the BSK then. Much work there to do then.
The weather has been lovely to bask in recently, but not so much fun to work in! As I found out when rubbing down the doors to the garden at the St Blazey GWRSA club. My secretary has duly provided me with GWR maroon paint for them but I fear that stage is some way distant yet. Regards, Paul.

Rich said...

Just a quick question, Do you know why there appears to be a lot of black painted metalwork on the BSK around the windows?


The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Kurust. Having striped the paint back to bare metal we found large patches of rust under the paintwork which may have been the cause of the badly patched paintwork. Kurust reacts and turns black.