Friday, 12 May 2017

Thursday - Dirty Work

Another warm, breezy day with dust devils sweeping up the yards, both front and back, as if we weren't creating enough dust anyway! There were 16 in, and yes, following Peter's comment in Wednesday's report, the acoustic panels seemed to have sorted out the Mess Room noise, because the horrible echo has gone and you could actually hear what was being said by your neighbour. Still another 2-3 panels to install, but well done Ainsley!

Starting off in the Barn, John Hamer and Bob Slater removed the broken axlebox (note bottom left chunk missing) from the wheelset.

Bob cleans up the inner edge of the shining axle.

John and Bob were later joined by Ken, and the wheelset was replaced by one of the newly reprofiled ones.

While they are off the bogie, Bob cleans up the tie bars. They were then placed loosely on top of the bogie, along with the loose brake blocks and pins.

John attaches the special coupling to the bogie which was then taken away for storage.

Phil recreates "What no?.........."

Meanwhile it was dust and paint scrapings alongside BSK 34929 on the other Barn road, with myself sanding down at the south end, while Bob Keyte was cleaning off old paint on three of the upper panels..

Yes, he's back on the roof again, but Malcom is now a happy man knowing that we have up to another dozen staff scheduled for high wire training. It can be hard on the knees up there for hours at a time, even with padded protection.

At the end of the day, the filled and sanded panel finished off by myself was ready for its first greying up. While Bob had stripped three of the small panels, but these will need a lot more sanding and easing out to remove the "cliff edges".

Which is better? Getting back to bare metal all round would be a huge task, but the prep and filling of all those "cut-mark" areas is also a lengthy job. This is a strange coach to have to fix - in my almost 10 years with C&W I have not known another coach this bad.

Moving on to something more normal, Roger trims up window sealant inside TSO 4614 on the Cotswold side. Later on he tidied up the outsides which had previously been trimmed. It can be difficult trying to get a clean edge with this stuff, and sometimes it amounts to adding a little more to get a nice smooth result.


It was finishing touches for Tony (and Pat) who were fitting the seat numbers inside FO 3132.

A completed seat, now looking really splendid. There is still a bit to do inside the coach, including some plumbing for the north end toilet compartment, and to this extent Paul began emptying the water tank above so that the work could be finished.

In the Workshop David primes in red oxide the cleaned-up handrails for the LMS Guards Van. It was easier to paint the heavy full length ones loosely mounted on the side of the van.

The short handrails could be done on the workbench. Meanwhile John Squires had been busy with a length of sheet metal which he was also priming.

Derek had been cleaning up the Cotswold side ducket from the van. David took this over and finished off also coating this in red oxide. Derek hopes to fit the ducket next week.

The mystery solved. John was creating another template, this time the sheet metal section underneath a coach window, and with some grab handles attached to make for easier usage. All our templates are painted yellow.

The Paintshop is relatively quiet at the moment now that FO 3132 is nearing completion. Robin coats in preservative the new footboards, which turn out to be for the Queen Mary (56305) and Toad (17392) brake vans - they will later be primed and painted. The two vehicles top and tail our Gala freight train, and as our visitors are able to enjoy a ride on them we need to replace the existing boarding which has become somewhat worn out.

Well, that's the final report from me for a couple of weeks as I am returning to Exmoor, my second home. Dave Clark.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Excellent pictures (as usual) and of very interesting subjects. Enjoy your break - you deserve it. And we all wait to hear from you when you get back. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We won't leave you totally bereft as it's Dave who is away I will still be in Saturday Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Rod said...

The "cliff edge" problem is easily solved with a wire brush on an angle grinder