Tuesday, 9 May 2017

And Finally

Finally I have a chance to publish Saurday's blog from Dave. I spent the morning at the volunteer recruitment induction day. So the report was over to Dave to gather together.
However, he was busy Sunday sent the report to me on \Monday when I was busy! But we have got there at last.

Report from Dave Clark

Following it's test run on the Fire-and-Drive the day before, BSK 34929 was taken off the 3rd Rake and returned to the Barn. The test was generally successful, but there are some issues with the steam heating as expected, and two wheel sets will need to be sent away for reprofiling.

A sequence of photos follows.

With the BSK attached, the 03 moves out of the siding.

On reaching Platform 2 the BSK is detached ready for the 03's lengthy run around.
Passing the carriage as we return through Platform 1

Having past the BSK to the north points and signals to get back to Platform 2 and couple up to the other end of the coach. Finally, having crossed back over to the Works yard, we slowly move into the Barn to put the BSK back on to the non-Jack road.

Richard Stone was again cleaning up more parts of the braking mechanism removed from the BR guards van.

Another bogie in for checking. It turns out that there is a broken section on the back of this axle box that will mean replacing the box.

Also cleaning up was Ken, but this time sanding down a retrieved connection sliding door that will be used for TSO 4614 now that the north end of the coach is to become an open vestibule.

On to the Malvern side of 4614 and yet another window on the road to recovery. John Squires removes a bad section of z bar at the base of the internal frame.

Returning later in the day, the z bar section has been replaced and covered by new sheet metal which has been spot welded in by James.

Into the Paintshop to find Steve has put back the north end sliding door on FO 3132 and is sorting out the base runner.

The next job was refitting the north end compartment door.

Alex had read the blog and, enjoying a break from A-Level revision, popped in to paint the numbers on the two loco lamps (one each for 2807 and 4270). It was then off to ride the trains with head down for another lengthy chunk of revision.

It was back to destruction and construction in the Upholstery shop, with Dave busy with the former and an old seat cover.

Penny and John were doing the opposite, rebuilding another seat back for the maroon RMB.

With this striking moquette, the inside of the coach will look quite impressive when all the replacement seating goes in.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Interesting blog! We don't see much of the 03 at work and it's nice to see it out on the platform main line. The loco headlamps do look good. As do the seats for the RMB. Well done everybody. Regards, Paul.