Friday, 28 April 2017

Thursday - Progress and change again

Still a lot of activity with FO 3132. Paul was cleaning up the internal windows.

Pat was lying down again, while he and Tony were securing more tables.

Later on, both he and Tony were securing the toilet seat in the north end compartment. The back plate had been cut down from something else.

Among the many jobs done by Robin was blacking the screw heads securing the table legs.

Bob was applying more varnish to the north vestibule, some parts of which have now had 4 coats. The more the better!

Back to Robin, having stained the seat number blocks, he now adds the first coat of varnish.

Dave Hancox was putting the furnishings back on the two internal sliding doors.

Moving into the Workshop and the LMS guards van. Having drilled out the old wood at the base of the pillar, Derek is able to tap out the old securing bolts.

Phil Jones was back with TSO 4614, trimming back the sealant on the north end Cotswold side windows and adding undercoat to the frames.

Also on the same side, Ron and Roger were attaching more internal window framing.

Later on Ron was in the Paintshop varnishing more window parts.

Having lightly sanded down the sliding door from the south end of 4614, Bob applies undercoat cream.

All change again in the Barn now that the work on the bogies under BSK 34929 has been completed, with the coach now moved across from the jack road. It will be attached to a forthcoming driver experience train so that the riding of the bogies, braking and steam heating can be checked. Meanwhile Ken has begun working on the corridor connection.

Meanwhile one of C&W's BGs, 80926, has been stabled next to the Shoc van to enable the contents of the latter to be transferred.

The Shoc van was then added to the line of vehicles that will shortly be departing the Railway.

80926 was then pushed on to the jack road and the body raised. As the BG will be used for storage and as a donor carriage only and will not be a runner, a number of items are to be retrireved from underneath that will be of use elsewhere. 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wednesday - Take a seat

Any seat as long as it needs refurbishing!

The upholstery team made a raid on the green TSO 4986 for seats to restore. As the carriage has only just come into the barn the lights are not connected up at present. The carriage is only in for a temporary stay ...... while the seats are removed. It saves walking all the way done the yard to get them. We are kind the upholstery team! Thus todays raid was in the dark until I found the spot lamps for them.

Penny thought that by hiding behind the seat while removing the arm rest she would miss the photo. No such luck Penny.

The selected set of seats were passed out to Ken for stacking.

While this was going on Malcolm made a start of the roof clean up and painting of the bare patches and treating the rust spots. Most of the old paint came off fairly easily. So some etch primer was also needed. The roof is galvanised and the paint doesn't stick very well without some etch primer being applied first.

Out in the yard the shunt of wagons departing continued. Note these aren't the ones leaving but others that had to be moved around to get the right ones out.

The upholstery team having extracted the seats they need for now loaded them onto the trolley .... about 4 loads!
and soon had the seats up in their workshop and being restored. The seats will be covered ready to go into the RMB later in the year. The seats from the RMB will then be recovered for the green TSO.

 In the workshop David started by preparing the Malvern side disabled access doorway for some additional support brackets to be put in place
before returning to the task of removing the 7th of 8 window frames. Nearly there. 

Nick got through a number of jobs today starting with the doorway above then tidying up the header rail for both double doors. He then investigated a repair to the stove from the LMS Brake van.
John Varley was repaneling the door edge for one side of door 2 on 4614. Looking at the other edge we suspect that side will need stripping down next.

Craig carried on the fitting of door 4. On Saturday when we hung the door it was sticking on the head rail. He found the rebate that should be on the top of the door frame had not been cut, its a new frame. So door off, rebate cut and door back on. It is now back to Chris, hopefully, to work on the door lining clearance.
On door 5 Paul finished fitting the hinges and I cut 2 of the hinge mount plates down to closer to the correct width. We deliberately made them wide while Nick welded them in place. So that is 2 doors on for door linings to be cut and fitted and the locks to be positioned and tested. No doubt the doors will be off a few more times yet.

Des and Trevor, having respectively coloured the north end vestibule panelling and varnished the 3 remaining legs for tables in 3132, spent much of the day cleaning old varnish off the a series of panels from 4614.
Trevor also did some top coating round the sliding window openings on the carriage while Rod did some more undercoating round the next set of windows competing the Cotswold side window frames.

Colin was busy making and fitting a new hardwood edge to the Broadway Station Masters desk and Dave Ward made a set of running boards for the Syphon G.

Russ was completing the sanding of  the phone box boor.

We also took delivery of the sound absorption panelling for the mess room. I am not totally convinced this is a good idea. After all if we can hear people talking will we ever get back to work after coffee?

Tuesday - Brrrrrrr with showers

Just 8 in on a very cold windy day, with sun and April showers of sleet and hail.

Cheryl was first in and soon got going on the final bit of lining out on FO 3132.

For Keith it was a final tidying up of the various bits on the doors and door frames. It's amazing what you can still find to do when you think all is finished.

With no welding to do, Ken continued the filling and sanding at the south end of TSO 4614. This now looks a lot better.

There was still a lot to remove on the phone box door so, instead of a major pad sanding session, Dennis used paint stripper and the heavy layer of old paint at the base and lower frame was cleared.

A welcome return for the two bogies that had been sent to Bristol for tyre re-profiling. With our B1 bogie unloaded, the DMU bogie remaining on the lorry was taken to Toddington.

The tyres look fantastic when re-profiled.

 Richard Stone continues his new project, the long job of restoring the old BR brake van. With all the rotten step planks removed, he cuts some new temporary ones to enable safe access to the van.

With the temporary steps firmly secured, it was into the van and out of the very chilly wind blowing across the yard.

A sweep up of all the old rubbish was followed by an inspection of the interior of the van. Much of the internal planking is in relatively good condition, and even some of the seating is still fairly good.

Being a Tuesday and quiet, it was another chance to clean up and varnish more of the doors in the Bill Ellesmere building. Cheryl adds the first coat to the store/cloakroom doors.

Cold it might have been, but it was worth braving the wind for sights like this.

Another lovely old MG, this one owned by Phil Brown (left) and being much admired by Keith. There must be a connection between old cars and C&W, because about six (its nearer 10 Dave) or so of our members either have, or at one time, owned one or more classic cars of some sort.

The new Tim Mitchell building on Platform 1 grows a bit more with the external brickwork going up and window frames going in.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Saturday - A new colour scheme

We are often asked about colour schemes for rakes of carriages. May be we should simple have our own colour scheme Madder and Grey quite striking really!
Having removed nearly all the windows i this carriage we thought it a good idea to commence the repaint by starting with the window surrounds. We lime to do round the sliding window opening early while the sliders them selves are still out. It is much easier. So Phil worked his way along the carriage  painting the window frames in Madder the undercoat we use for carriages being out shopped in maroon.
Sorry the grey will go.
Chris has made a start on fitting new door linings of door 4 on 4614. This the first of at least 8 that need doing.

 Having made some good progress we thought about a trail hang of the door to see how the lining was fitting. however, hanging this door could be a little tricky.
It was a lot easier once I turned the hinges up the right way!

Andy completed the removal of the next window frame and started on the clean up by removing the old mastic and re-taping the fixing holes for the internal wood framework.

James completed the welding on the north end of the carriage and moved on to do the corners of another window.

We have quite a production line going down the Malvern side of the carriage we started at window 8 and have progressed in sequence.

So Andy has just removed the frame for window 2.
On Window 3 the rusted corners are being cut out and some new patches prepared to go in.
after Nick does any structural repairs
On window 4 James weld the new patches into the body side for that the window frame

Next week David and I will put the frame back into window 4
Coming along behind us is the interior team putting the glass back in.

And one day 4614 will look at smart as 3132.  This was the first time I have seen the carriage with the tables and the lamp shades all in place.
With Steve making good progress on the north end vestibule thing are coming together rapidly.

There is some very steady progress with the LMS brake van Andy and Clive both working on the painting today.

I did enquire where these vacuum pipe dummy posts were from ..... but I have forgotten sorry.
Still they are are all cleaned up and painted in red oxide.

With the immanent departure of some wagons there was shunt in between the war in the Cotswold trains adding a little more action for visitors. The shunt was to relocate the vans and trucks affected to a more convenient position for clearing ready to go.

The upholstery team with their usual serene progress completed some headrest pads and another seat for the refit of the RMB seating that's 6 sets out of 22 done.

Clive to a bit of time out in the sunshine for some protective work on CK 7221 in the yard. Its also a go spot to watch the trains go by.
A thank you to Simon Banks for the donation of some traditional and imperial scale machine tools. None of the modern stuff for us.
Finally if anyone would like to donate a new smart phone to the blogger in chief (me) he would love a replacement foe the one he just stood on! Dooh!!! It does still work ..... at the moment.