Friday, 31 March 2017

Before and After

As promised some before and after pictures. The goods van, perhaps the most dramatic change we will ever achieve and the RBr which have both been completed this month.

I will leave you to work out which is which.

Another big attendance with 24 in and a successful day with the shunting going as planned.

The first move was to get FO 3132 out of the jack road.

The main track was then cleared with everything coupled up and pulled out, looking a somewhat motley collection when out in the yard. The GW van and SK 24949 look very smart at the end of the line.

As always the empty roads mean a chance to have a good sweep up, with the Indoor Gang taking on the Barn jack road.

Right on through to the Paintshop, it was brooms and shovels in action.

While FO 3132 waits over the pit, SK 24949 at the end of the line is positioned on the jack road.

  With the shunt completed, the GW van is positioned just outside the Barn. Phil found the vacuum couldn't be maintained in the 03, the problem being a loose fitting vac hose at the south end of the van.

With 3132 now in the Paintshop, where it will remain until completed, it was out with the towelling to dry off the paintwork as unfortunately our shunt coincided with a heavy shower.

Cheryl got going on a missing bit of lining out on the Cotswold side.

Dave Hancox, and later Ken Austen, cleaned off the sealant from around the window on the Cotswold side that had initially been left off to enable the heavy seating to be put back. The rivet holes were later filled and sanded down.

Back in the north end toilet compartment, Tony and Pat were back fitting more of the window framing.

In the south compartment Roger was fitting more of the seating. There isn't much more to do now as progress on this has been considerable.

There is still some of the external parts of the coach to paint. This includes the Malvern side north end door and frame area, which Rod began working on. Dave Hancox began working on the corridor end which is also only part-painted.

Back to the Workshop and the LMS guards van is now at the south end, in preparation for when it eventually comes into the Paintshop. Derek positions the wood base on to which will be screwed the door catch. See health and safety isn't new with the catch on the ceiling there is no trip hazard.

The tanalized tongue-and-groove planking begins to go on the Cotswold side. This is simply a fitting exercise - it will be taken back off to be painted on both sides.
A two-for-one shot in TSO 4614 of Alan and Ron working on more internal wood framing while Tony Barnard cleans up another section of window frame where the sliders are out.

Another job gluing a section taken from one of the windows in green TSO 4968. This coach is at the bottom of the yard and will be another major restoration when we can get around to doing it.

Having sorted out a proper coupling for the north end of the GW van (see Tuesday's report), it was found during the shunt that the south end coupling couldn't be tightened properly. Dennis didn't have much joy when trying to sort this out so we will have to hunt around for another one.

With SK 24949 on the jacks John Hamer was able to extract the bogies and clean them up. He also took more measurements trying to sort out why the south end bogie isn't sitting correctly.

While introducing Ken to the Maintenance Gang, John Appleton explains the checking procedures and the associated documentation, all of which is kept with our office records..

A sticking door on the Third Rake RMB is dealt with by Ted Ellis. A smear of grease on the door edge certainly helped.

Michael, and later Robin (pictured), continued cleaning up and painting the many ceiling lights that have recently appeared on our painting trestles..

Looking splendid in the sun shine, the GW van awaits the final few bits to be fitted.

Some future work has been lined up for us. This Southern Railway designed van built for the GWR. Note the different curvature of the roof line. Unfortunately after some long time service at Toddington as a storage vehicle it has a leaking roof. So it is back from Toddington to be sorted out when we have space in the Works.

 Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Wednesday - keeping the work flowing

We don't deliberately operate a just in time process in C&W. However, Saturday's trip to get new gas cylinders for the welding equipment was a case of just in time as Nick was in full flow today starting with three window corners he followed on with a return to the large signal post boot for |S&T. Not only is the boot large so is the weld needed.

With the power turned up a bit

Nick got the job done. and once it has all cooled down its back to S&T with this job.

In the mean time David was preparing the next job a section of replacement Z section pillar inb the centre doorway of 4614 and the extra thickness of steel for the lock plate mount. First David had to remove the old wood liner and cut out the old pillar.

Together we also helped Paul remove the blank disabled door that was test hung last week. Paul is now completing the locking mechanism on the door.

Des was still working his way along the interior panelling removing the old varnish. This is about as far as he can go at present as the rest of the saloon area need the modifications for wheel chairs and different seats first.

Then there was a host of bits and piece going on. Trevor cleaning windows on 24949. We also had to remove a door lock on tis carriage as it just wouldn't shut satisfactorily. The lock plate was clearly out of line and so it was removed the pillar adjusted and next week Craig will be able to drill and tap new lock plate holes and remount the plate. Fortunately although the carriage is being shunted out it is only as far as barn for some bogie adjustments.

Tony was tidying up the light fitting for 4614.

Russ cleaned up and painted this old LNER lamp for the museum group.

and painted the draw fronts for the Broadway Stationmasters desk. Colin was progress the main desk body.

In the upholstery shop we have reached a bit of a hold up as they are waiting the delivery of some new rolls of moquette. So John and Jenny were sorting round which other seats they could work on in the mean time. This is a case of not quite in time or it will be next week!

Tuesday - Even more finishing touches

Twelve in today with our work concentrated in the Paintshop and old Workshop.

A foggy start to the day. The main Choc&Cream rake has been returned to Toddington, the Third Rake has been put back in its siding, and the head shunt is now clear and ready for our shunt on Thursday.

The GW van is almost completed with Stu and Richard Stone putting on the bars above the doors.

John Hamer noticed that the link attached to the van is actually incorrect in that when hooked up to another vehicle, it would not be possible to tighten it. Getting this off was somewhat awkward in that the two sides of the narrow section (by which the link can be removed from the drawbar) did not match up! The angle grinder came to the rescue so the narrow section was then as it should be, the link was removed and a correct one inserted,

It was all go with SK 24949 to get all the painting and varnishing completed. Maurice finished off the reconstructed south end.

Inside the coach Cheryl (and Richard Hoy) completed the varnishing in the corridor.

Richard then repainted the outside wall skirting.

Dennis reinstated the repainted items in the two toilet compartments, although this handrail was a problem and some reinforcement will be required to ensure that it can be screwed back on properly.

Stu attaches the new wooden block to the keep for the buffer extension (hanging on the chain below).
 John Hamer was checking the bogie riding heights and updating our records accordingly. The south end height is not correct so this will be investigated once 24949 is up on the jacks on Thursday.

Ainsley had his "Wartime in the Cotswolds" hat on and top coated the broom handles. These will be part of a fence around the Spitfire that will be displayed at Toddington.

A warm welcome to Ken Austin who started with us today. Ken sanded down the filler previously applied to the south end of TSO 4614.  

At the other end of the coach Bob Slater and John Hughes were doing similar jobs where the new sheet metal had been applied.

The latest on the new Tim Mitchell building up at the station, with the blockwork and drainage now going in.

Report by Dave Clark