Saturday, 25 February 2017

Saturday - Change

There was a sense of change in C&W today. The closed season is coming to an end and our series must do jobs are also getting close to completion. With Alex and Dave focused on completing the painting of the Cotswold side of SK 24949
 Chris completed the trimming of the doors on the Malvern side. The carriage is starting to take on the feel of a restored carriage. This has to be ready for the war week-end.
Peter Holt from the maintenance team was also in to check out all the sinks in each of the carriages ready for the new season. He/the maintenance team have made a number of improvements to make the water systems in the rakes easier to maintain in the future. 

The upholstery team are moving on to the next challenge. A set of seats for the second green TSO. As the carriage is currently stored at the far end of the yard retrieving a set of seats was not to be an enjoyable exercise.

The shutter was in action to move the DMU for a final bit of work on the leak around the route indicator box. That done it was shunted back out into the rain in the yard. The shunt was mainly to shake down 3132 to check the bogie adjustments. Running a carriage up and down our yard a couple of times rattles everything into place. The yard being somewhat less level than the running lines!

 However, as it was down the yard what better way to transport the extracted seat from the TSO than to put them on the diesel shutter and move them up the yard that way.

The shake down of the FO revealed that is was still riding a little high so the bogie was striped down again and 1/4" plates removed to lower the bogie a bit more. The carriage is now riding at the correct height.
The brake van came in for a lot of attention today The 'work desk' being removed by Andy who is going to make a new one. Intriguingly the desk top is in effect a shallow tray. It is also extremely rusted considering it is an internal fitting.

Ian, Clive and Pam were all busy sanding and cleaning up various sections of the body work.

On 4614 a 2 for 1 shot. I spent a lot of time today refitting the window frame while Richard having assisted with the shunting came in to remove the rusted door pillar ready for a new section to be welded in next week.

At the other end of the carriage James did some great work fitting the final corner section of the carriage. This carriage is starting to feel like its coming back together.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Thursday - Windy!

A very busy day with 24 in attendance, and quite a violent one with Storm Doris battering the Works for much of it. As with Tuesday I spent most of my time in the Paintshop, so failed to get photos of the buckeye coupling exam for the coaches in the Chocolate & Cream rake or another attempt by John Hamer to sort out the DMU driving cab leak. The outcome was that the examination of the rake was successfully completed and John feels he is a lot nearer to cracking the DMU problem.

Following on from Wednesday's blog, where John Hamer and Ken were working on the south end bogie of FO 3132, John prepares to jack the centre spring plate back into position.

Pat and Tony were back sorting out the window frame in the north end toilet compartment of 3132. The left side has been completed.

With the seats now secured in place in both south compartments, the interior of 3132 is looking very smart. However the black seat bases were beginning to smell somewhat fusty, probably after being stored in a vehicle outside for quite some time.

These have been taken out of the coach and lined up against the Malvern side wall of the Paintshop where it is much warmer. They will probably be cleaned by Paul Wood as this will considerably freshen them up. Just the 42 to  do then!

Paul wipes over the newly painted paper towel holders for the toilet compartment in 3132.

Robin paints more cleaned up heater covers for 3132.

In the RBr Roger cleans up and then reseals the sink unit and associated steel tops after the recent plumbing work.

Alan was once again the sole person working on TSO 4614, here preparing another window with the special sealing strip prior to putting it back into the reinstated frame. 
(the peculiar look of the glass is due to the refraction off the glass of the carriage side behind Alan)

Having progressed to the lower brown panel, Cheryl soon had this painted while Richard had moved to the south end to top coat the door and corner sections.

Finally on the Cotswold side, Bob Keyte had arrived and top coated the between-window panels.

With time to spare between the shunting involved with the buckeye exams outside, Phil concentrates on SK 24949, initially repairing a loose light fitting in the north vestibule.

Then moving on to installing two new batteries and replacing the old wiring in the battery box..

The exterior of the coach currently has quite a contrast in the level of preparation and painting going on. While Richard carefully sands around the toilet compartment window on the Cotswold side,

at the other end Cheryl applies the initial top coat on more of the windows.

Richard then applies a light covering of filler on the panel next to the sanded window. This is one of those strange pock-marked panels (akin to a rash) that we have on some of our coaches. Just what caused this we don't know, it's always on the centre section and probably goes back to some treatment applied in BR days.  

Moving around to the north corridor end, Pete continued the tidying up of the door before giving applying more undercoat cream.

The Malvern side of the coach has needed a lot more attention with more areas requiring filling and sanding. This is mainly because the Barn, where the coach was initially prepared, is poorly lit on the Malvern side. Ainsley, Richard and Martin spent quite some time sorting it out.

However our efforts prevailed and after a good wipe over with thinners, we could at last tape up the lines, with Martin doing the lower one.

Michael gives a second coat of varnish to the new table markers for On Train Catering.

Storm Doris finally passed by and at last the high wind subsided. Two pheasants take an interest in the Santa Coach, Maroon rake and foundations of the new Tim Mitchell building.

Report by Dave Clark

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wednesday - Remove the pin

Many of the jobs we do last several days. Russ was continuing the varnishing of the table markers he started yesterday

while Davy was varnishing the south end vestibule of 4614

following on behind Des who is doing the staining to get the colour just as we want it. They will over the coming weeks work their way right through the carriage.

Colin returned the Broadway table clean up and repair.

The upholstery team finished one job, four new seat bases for 24949 which is in the paintshop at present. Chris and I replaced 4 seats in the carriage and removed the old worn ones for storage. Here are three of the well worn seats waiting to be transferred to storage but the weather was against doing that today! The 4th one is further along the paintshop out of shot.

So Penny started on the next job. oh look its another seat cushion but this set will be for the other green TSO which at present is at the far end of the yard.

Dave started on stripping the side panels

as did Jenny
 Doors are another area where it can seem like the some old same old. Its just the carriage that changes. The current carriage for the door team is 4614. Paul stripping one of the old doors from 4614. This one is being replaced so its component recovery time.

Doors also mean door pillars and David was investigating the door 4 hinge pillar.

Oh! So that's another pillar replacement fore the welders to do.
We did however make some good progress with a test hanging of door 5. We should be able to hang it again next week to sort out the lock position. This door has a new frame so is a total rebuild
We all know the instruction leaflets simple statement
'Remove the pin'
Yeah and an hour latter it finally came out

With the pin out it was possible to separate the two main frame sections of the bogie and extract the springs. remove the rust and refurbish the spring plates.

you have to do both sides, oh another pin!
We measure the springs to check the correct one are fitted. Its just working out what is fitted and what should be fitted that isn't always the straight forward. The large 'plan' details all the specifications for the various types of spring fitted to the carriages. Sorting out what is fitted can be a puzzle. John ponder the FO spring specifications
Maybe its is a bit easier being a painter just remember vertical. Rod completing the first top coat on the south end Cotswold side of 24949.

Tuesday - All for one and one for all

With initially 13 in attendance it was quite a hive of activity in the Paintshop with nearly everyone working on SK 24949. John Hamer later came in to have yet another go at sorting out the cab leak in the green DMU - it was supposed to rain but failing that, the hosepipe did the honours again. It really has become a case of "chase the leak!" We will win in the end.

Remaining work on the GW van is now the roof, and as such Richard Stone mounted the canvas. This has been loosely placed to flatten out.

Everything else was based on the preparation and repaint of SK 24949. Well nearly everything. As feared the soft wet parts found in the south corridor end woods were a lot worse than we thought and as such Bob Slater and Dennis completely removed the lower vertical sections.

We already knew that some of the top angled sections were in a poor state. Not what you really want for a quick refurb job. However, the metal work behind the wood is all sound as we thought.

Following the good work done by Chris Taylor on Saturday on four of the door frames, we could finish off the job with sanding and some filler. While Stu works on the north end door on the Cotswold side, out of picture Adrian was working on the centre door.

On the Malvern side Richard Hoy, Bob and John Hughes were finishing off the panelling with some extra filling and sanding.
That minor blemish when fully probed turned into a hole, so it was out with the oxide and bridging filler, and the area was soon back to new.
Maurice was removing the old transfers from the coach ends and sole bar. Where steps had been removed the rusting areas of the sole bar were cleaned up and primed with oxide.

It was then on with the black gloss with Keith enjoying the chance of a sit down (it certainly saves the knees!). Maurice later did the same on the Malvern side.

With the Cotswold side paintwork lightly keyed and washed over with thinners, we could at last reinstate the line and end tapes (these had been removed when the coach had to be put outside following the initial preparation work in the Barn at the end of last year).

Painting at last, with Stu adding undercoat to the areas of the doors and frames that had been worked on, while Adrian began top coating the gutter panelling.

Bob made a start on the first of the windows.

At the north end John Hughes was improving the appearance of the corridor door, the paint on which over the years had become very pitted. When completed this will be repainted in undercoat cream and then the Orange-Brown (tan) top coat. With this door on view to our travelling public it is important to make it look good.

Mentioning corridor ends, Keith top coats the frame used to support these when they are lifted by the gibbet hoist.

A two-in-one shot of Russ, in the foreground, working on the new bases for the RBr and RMB table flags (which were made by Eddie) and Keith black glossing the beading for the north end toilet compartment in FO 3132.

Finally, it was a pleasure to welcome Rod Whitcombe from the Broadway group who was being given a tour of the Works by Russ, here talking to Vivien from our Upholstery team.