Monday, 30 January 2017

Saturday - The clock is ticking

The efforts today were mainly on the RBr, which is progressing well, but some essential work was also done on BSO 9000, the brake coach in the Choc&Cream rake.

Starting with the RBr, it was back to second top coating on the Cotswold side, with Andy Thompson completing all the cream section. Later on I got stuck into the remaining areas of brown panelling and we ended up the day with this side now ready for tape removal and lining out.

On the Malvern site Phil Jones resumed the first top coating of the lower brown panels, and this side too was completed ready for the second top coat. Phil adopted Bob Keyte's method of painting and ended up with an excellent result - lovely vertical painting with not a sag or run in sight!

Moving inside the RBr, Phil Salter was back on the electrics.

Next door inside the kitchen, Dennis was installing some new sections of gas pipe ready for the grills.

Meanwhile James had been busy cutting more pieces of the new stainless steel sheeting. With the front of the sheet neatly folded, helped by Dennis he trial fits the main shelf for the grills.

Then back to the Workshop to buff up the sheet before fitting it into place in the kitchen.

The reward at the end of the day with the two grills positioned on the shelf. These will now be plumbed in by Dennis.

Having cleaned up the various cooker pipes, Paul carefully sprays them with heat resistant paint.

George did a great job getting the new replacement footboards for the Maroon rake undercoated, before moving on to the back plates for TSO 4614's corridor end (see previous photo). The protective covers for the compressed air system outlets were also top coated in yellow.

In the Workshop, Steve having fitted the new floor board in the south end vestibule of TO 4614, proceeds to replace some of the wood framing for the end panels. The lower sections have to be removed for welding to take place if they haven't already rotted away.

Nearby, John Squires trials fits new sheet metal on the Cotswold side, south end doorway.

Some cleaning up with the grinder and this should be ready for welding in later in the week.

At the other end, there was more progress with the LMS van, with Ian cleaning up metal framing on the Malvern side prior to coating in oxide

Inside the van, Clive was painting oxide on some of the roof framing (rumour has it that he is at last going to replace his nearly 30 years old grey overalls!). Meanwhile Andy Turner was priming the inside of the ply-board inner shell of the van (we have some nice tanalised (pressure treated) planking ready to fit on the outside).

 In the Barn, BSO 9000 was having a new handbrake column fitted and adjustments to the brake mechanism.

Following a shout from John Hamer, Ken turns the brake wheel, while John and Kevin view the action from beneath.

In the Upholstery shop, Dave and Penny roll up a prepared canvas for another of the seats for chocolate and cream SK 25743.

Jenny quickly brushes off the latest seat to be re-covered,

before the seat is loaded on the hoist trolley ready with another prepared one, lowered, and then taken to Platform 1 for fitting in the coach by Andy (Jenny's husband), Ian and Dave.


Thursday - Not so many in

Although Thursday is a more general day with all sorts of activities usually going on, the focus remained with the RBr. There were not so many in hence a shorter than normal report for a Thursday.

The first photo of the day was of Robin cleaning the ceiling in 1672's kitchen, above where the new stainless steel is being fitted.

Immediately next door Phil was busy working on the electrics.

On the outside of 1672, most of the attention was initially on the Malvern side where first top coating was well in progress, with Ainsley, Jeff, Richard Hoy and Cheryl all contributing. Malcolm managed to squeeze the staging in between everyone and complete the roof painting. It really is a case of working around each other.

Bob Keyte turned up and immediately began keying the initial top coat on the Cotswold side. Then both he, and later on Ainsley, began applying the second top coat. About half of that side is left to do.

Keeping things rolling on TSO 4614 were Ron and Alan, once again installing internal wooden framing on one of the windows.

The next job is preparing the glass with the special sealant strip.

Working in FO 3132 was Pat, and being in the Barn on a cold day with a biting east wind, it must have been a relief to come into a nice heated Workshop to do some varnishing. The strips are to go under the windows to cover joins in the new panelling.

With not so many in I had more time to work, so besides brush cleaning, a good sort out of the general paint cupboard and a host of other general jobs, I was able to prime the new corridor end back-plates for TSO 4614 and the new steps that Eddie had cut for Stu Hamilton. The latter are replacements for worn steps in the Maroon rake.

A very happy Ainsley tries on the new woolly hat made by Jenny from our Upholstery team. A number of us now have them. Thank you Jenny, these are very much appreciated, especially when working in the Barn or outside.

Report by Dave Clark

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Wednesday - Cough Cough sputter

No not the yard shunter starting up but me taking to my sick bed after a morning in C&W.

I left just after lunch so this activity was all during the morning and I am sure continued well into the afternoon.Staying with the first focus the RBr 1672  the repairs to the door with the broken window system progressed well Derrick on glue gun while Paul ensured it was all in the correct position.

With that done and clamped to set Paul set about the fixings for the glass guides which all have to be drilled and suitable screws found. The original having basically rotted with the old steel to Aluminium interface. We avoid repeating the problem by gluing blocks of wood at strategic points and screwing into that instead.

Derrick then cleaned up a series of tapped screw holes, I'm not sure what in.

working on the paintwork were Trevour
and Ralph who completed the undercoat on the Malvern side before moving on to a spot of top coating

Now Steve is back from a trip down under, welcome back Steve, he start on the process of equipping the RBr with the LED strip lights. The first job to set out the PCB's

Dave, keeping the old dust out of him mouth stripped another of the seat bases for 24949

while usual with the production line Jenny added the padding as John wielded the big needle.

and Penny made up more strips of beading.

In the workshop Des was back to the varnish removal in the first section of TSO4614

While victorios over the window sliders took on the main window frame from M8

When he had removed it the original colour scheme and lining was revealed. The carriage is returning to the colour again. I am surer we must paint the lines higher these days this is in line but under the top of the window frame

With the frame back o the bench it straight in with the clean up the old mastic was still sticky yuck!

The door for the carriage were also moving forward with Mick fitting the final hinge backing plate on door 4

and Craig tidying up the edge on door 1a

The frame for one of the new doors was also progressing under Colin trained eye.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tuesday - Jam packed

As nearly all the work was focussed on the RBr 1672 it was very much a case of "no room at the Inn" when looking for space to work.

We had 14 in and when Keith arrived late in the morning finding some elbow room was difficult. A lot was done and overall it was a very successful day.

The usual opening up of the Works and walk through the Barn revealed another day of frozen railway yard, but none of the fog causing so much problem elsewhere.

Good progress was made with the GW van. Stu helped Richard Stone with the drilling and fixing of all the bolts for the door hinges.

The door catches were also fitted on the van. Richard reduces one of the catches for a better fit.

The catch now bolted in place.

It really was a hive of activity on the RBr. At the south end and up on the scaffold tower, Richard Johnson cleans the area above the corridor connection prior to undercoating the entire end, while Richard Hoy completes the top coating on the Cotswold side. The latter area had to be left on Saturday as this was the main access for all the work going on in the kitchen.

On the Malvern side it was a case of working around each other. Maurice and Adrian tackled the cream undercoating, while Malcolm top coats the roof side. At the far end and out of sight Ainsley was also undercoating the cream section. At the end of the day all that remained to be undercoated was about half of the lower brown panel.

Up on the roof Bob second top coated the centre area of the roof.

At the north end, while Phil was black glossing the sole bar and steps on the Cotswold side, John Hughes was applying the lovely dark grey undercoat.

  The Paintshop trestles have been piled high with a variety of things for quite some time and Dennis did a great job in getting many of the outstanding things painted. The line of battery box fixings on the hooks and the wood step in the background were black glossed. All the new cleaned up metalwork was painted with red oxide, and the new protectors for the Works compressed air valves, also in the background, were undercoated in cream ready for yellow top coat.

Keith arrived later in the morning, but with no further immediate work being available on the RBr, instead he did a great job in top coating all the sliders for TSO 4614. These can now be stored away until they can be refitted.

Report by Dave Clark