Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wednesday - loose ends

A good number in today and with the weather fine plenty of work in the barn was possible.

At the moment one of the first jobs every Wednesday is to decide what needs staining and what needs varnishing. Having agreed all that and especially the process for the south end corridor connection door from 3132 I was reminded that we had to find the north end door and get that get to work on that. Its all to easy to miss one component and have everything held up because its not ready.

So after a short look round, the door was actually where I expected it to be, Trevor was soon sanding the and filling the outer side of the door.

later turning it onto the trolley to do the edges and then onto the other side and doing the strip of the varnish and clean up of the veneer.

Meanwhile the south end door was stained and varnished.

Phil started the refit of the Cotswold side battery box

and with Dave ward completed the making of the Malvern side box. This is now ready for painting.

The other area of the carriage that is progressing is the door 1. Today Paul made great progress not only cleaning the window scissor mechanism (pictured) but getting greased and fitted. By the end of the day the window was working and the central finger board section of the panelling was also fitted. great job.

You may have noticed that for some time one window has been missing from the carriage. Firstly because the frame was twisted and we needed to think how best to straighten it. Secondly because we decided to leave it out until the seats had gone back into the carriage through the hole. It is possible to get the seats in through the door and round the vestibule but is very tight. So the easier option is through the missing window. However, the window does need to be ready to be fitted straight afterwards. So today Ken sorted out the frame and with Graham prepared the window rubber ready for the glass to go in. This will be completely assembled before the window going back in in one piece. We are just awaiting the arrival of some 'magic' lubricant to help the glass slip into the rubber section. Its I the post!

4614. This carriage should be largely unaffected by the winter shutdown work, other than getting pushed out and back in while we switch the other carriages around. This is so that the work on the disabled access entrances can progress through the winter.

Craig started on the repair to the framework of the first of the blanks (i.e. no windows) doors for the carriage about 2o inches of the lip of the door needs replacing. The second door will need similar treatment. It must be a factor of how they were used/abused in BR days.

Mike was working on door 4 refitting the hinges. The door has a complete new wood frame and as can be seen a new bottom steel section.

Derrick was fitting a new frame to what will be door 3.

In the workshop Graham was cleaning up the second blank door for the carriage this like the otherone has been retrieved from our store. It is in quite a good state of repair only needing a little welding to be done. We didn't get round to that today as John Varley was modifying some signal frame bracing bars for the box at Broadway. Another bit of modifying what we have in stock and making it fit what we actually need.

During the day Eddie made some window trim strips ready for the Thursday team of interior fitters to use on 4614. We had the chance to be them varnished at least with the first coat.

With some more good weather Des, Davy and Rod were able to make some more progress on 24949. Applying the first runs of tape of the Malvern side and starting on the cream undercoat having done some more of the inevitable filling and sanding and wiping over.

Bob Mac was again up on the roof scrapping off and painting while in the upholstery shop John Hill was working on the 5th seat in the rolling seat replacement of 25743.


Ian B said...

There is a plentiful supply of tyre soap at Toddington, being used when refitting window seals into 55003...if you need some, just pop in and ask!

Ian B said...
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The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks Ian if we need some more we will call in.