Thursday, 15 December 2016

Tuesday - Preperation

With the winter shut down approaching many departments are actually preparing for a very busy time. C&W are one such department as there are several carriages that we can only effectively work on during this period.

The 'close down' is just 9 weeks long (Jan and Feb) and we need 7 effectively to repaint a carriage. When you throw in the need to do other work on the same carriage things are very tight. So we have to plan ahead to ensure things are ready.

The main 'thing' is works space. Any carriage that is moved out must be water tight and with no bare filler or metal work. 24949 will be making way for the RBr to come out of the main rake, so we must get that to a suitable state of repair ready fore the move thus today John Hamer was focused on replacing the window and frame we removed for some emergency welding repairs to be completed.

These days we have it down to a fairly smooth operation using pop rivets rather than the original self tapping screws. Combined with the use of the compressed air rivet gun its a much quicker job than it used to be.

With the frame in the glass was soon in place with the mastic sealant in place. John and I think Phil doing that on the work bench. Then it was screw the securing widow woods in place. Another job that is achieved mainly as the result of much preparation on the work bench!
3132 Exteranl much of this carriage is now done and we are into lining out. Richard Hoy was doing that on the Malvern side today.

There are of course some areas that always get left to last The lower section of the doorways and the foot steps are amongst these. Here Adrian is prepping the step for a final coat of paint. There is no point in doing it to early with our big boots clomping in and out of the carriage.

On the other side Stu was also doing some final checks along the yellow line.
and me I spent the day sanding the south end corridor connection door for the carriage. One side is painted the other stained and varnished. One side is easy the prepare, the painted side. The other is a rather delicate operation as the veneers are very thin especially when trying to hide or remove the graffiti. These doors, south and north, will need to be in place by the time the carriage is shunted out for the RBr to come in. 
Now were is the north end door?

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