Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tuesday - Very much doors again

Report by Dave Clark

We had eleven in on a much warmer day. Despite weather-related problems in the Barn, overall it was very satisfying with a lot more coming together.

The Barn has a simple equation in the Winter when it changes from very cold to milder conditions: Cold Coach + Warm Weather = Condensation. Lots of it!  And so for Ainsley work on the Malvern side of SK 24949 was restricted to more sanding and cleaning up of door frames and edges only.

However he was able to use the air sander to clean up the south end corridor sliding door in preparation for undercoating. Being located next to the locos on the southbound runs, this doorway was somewhat black to say the least!

The GW van is coming on rapidly now that the doors are going on. The gleam on the doors with the multiple coats of paints is amazing with all the care Richard Stone has put into it. Richard will consult Colin Pearce in the Woodwork team, who has made the doors, about the final adjustments to their fitting.

The Malvern side doors of the van are now going into their first top coat.
 Sticking to the grey theme, the doors of the first battery box for FO 3132 were undercoated in Dark Grey, ready for their final coat of Underframe Black. The other sides need priming and undercoating in white. Some nearby skirting for 3132 was also primed ready for undercoating.

After adding varnish to more internal beading strips for the FO, Phil adds the first coat of varnish to the internal sliding doors.

As for 3132 itself, the gaps were definitely being filled with the work on the door entrances at the south end Malvern side and centre on the Cotswold side.

The latter was fully glossed by the end of the day, while the former required a lot more work, but is now ready for top coating, along with the nearby corner section.

Stu also undercoated the greyed-up area around the north end Malvern side door, which still has to have its final fitting.

In the Woodwork shop Dennis removed the varnish from the table supports for 3132. These had been done prior to the final decision on the stain colour being used within the FO.

In the Workshop it was cleaning up inside the slider frames on TSO 4614.

Tony was cleaning up one of the removed window panes before returning to more window sliders.

Maurice did a great job in the lobby, repositioning our Fire Safety Officer board and putting up a smaller white board for notable items. Being next to the signing-in register, all this will be more easily seen by those coming in for the day.

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