Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tuesday - Hot and cold

Report by Dave Clark
We had 10 in today. The work was nearly all concentrated in either the Paintshop or Barn - a real case of hot and cold!

In the balmy climes of the Paintshop, Richard Hoy starts second top coating the Cotswold side windows of FO 3132.

Cheryl had already added a second top coat to the top brown panel along this side, and had similarly progressed to windows. She also undercoated the door frame at the south end - this had needed some new rubber draft excluder as well as some repairs.

On the Malvern side, Stu carefully rubs down the filler on the completed doorway capping strips at the north end. 

The door was later removed by Ken and taken into the Door Team's area. Stu completed his job with a nice coating of undercoat Light Grey, which will now enable the lining tape and relevant livery undercoats to be painted.
No, Arthur C. Clarke fans, this isn't a reproduction of TMA-1 ("2001 - a space odyssey"), but the first of the two new battery boxes for 3132 receiving its top coat of Underframe Black. John then moved on to giving the first coat of varnish to the large pile of stained beading for 3132. 
More structural progress on 3132 as Ken mounts one of his new covers over the north end corridor connection .

Richard Stone was back inside the GW van adding more top coating to the second set of doors. He later returned to more painting underneath the van.

Despite the cold and problem of frozen condensation dripping from inside of the Barn roof, as the sun's warmth made itself felt, we made good progress with SK 24949. Ainsley and I concentrated on undercoating the cream section

by the end of the day, most of what could be done was completed. The tape can now be removed and repositioned on the correct lines for painting the brown sections.
Dennis completed the filling and sanding on the Malvern side of the north end before adding the dividing tape and painting the area in undercoat Dark Grey. In the background Stu had moved away from 3132 and was working on the south end doorway. He was later joined by John Hughes.


HowardGWR said...

You've been asked this before no doubt so apols. What brown and cream paint are you using and are they different for painting Mark 1s, as what would be used for the old GWR, please?

Is there a code which I could walk into my local outlet and order? Come to that, which outlet do you use?

St Blazey 1925 said...

3132 is looking impressive. So is the goods van. Regards, Paul.

Dave Clark said...

Chocolate and Cream Paint

With respect to the paint we use, nearly all of it is produced by T & R Williamson who are based at Ripon, Yorks. They are the oldest paint company in the world (est 1775) and produce a very large range of transport paints in addition to all sorts of paints for other things. We buy direct from them. I don't know for certain, but I don't think they have their paint in any other outlets because it is all done to order.

The Spec 81 transport range was developed with BR. Details for the chocolate and cream paint are as follows ;-

Brush Finish GW Brown code 8108181219 approx £31 for 2.5 litres
Brush Finish GW Cream code 8108181218 approx £28 for 2.5 litres
Undercoat brown code 8115081162 approx £24 for 2.5 litres
Undercoat cream code 8115081160 approx £19 for 2.5 litres

The staff at Williamson are very friendly and helpful, and are always pleased to advise. Ring 01765 607711 or email They will do any orders no matter how small, simply charging about £18-20 for orders under £150.

How close these paint colours are to the original GW colours is very debatable. I was having a very interesting chat with Bob Meanley (Head of Tyseley Works) a few months ago when he visited and we were both of the opinion that even the paints produced by the GWR would have varied. From our point of view at C&W we aren't worried how close the colours are or even if they are relatively different, as long as our coaches all look the same, allowing for natural fading of course.

With respect to giving a code to a local outlet, I don't know whether I can help there. It's possible that the last three digits of the above numbers may be what you need. I do know that many codes are taken from the BS (British Standard) and RAL paint charts that can be looked up on the Internet ( I have used these charts to have certain colours made up specially (e.g. the tan colour for our corridor connection doors, orange for electrical connections, etc). Williamsons should be able to advise.

I hope this has been of help.


Dave Clark, C&W, GWSR

HowardGWR said...


Thank you very much for this comprehensive reply.

I had recently asked the same question of Pete Speller at GWS Didcot and they use the same supplier. So if your stock is ever combined with theirs for a special, they'll match!!

I very mucth enjoy reading your blog, thank you.