Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tuesday - All things 3132

Report by Dave Clark

Just five in today. In addition John Hamer popped in briefly to make some checks, Richard Hoy started work and then received a call for help in the Coffee Pot cafe, and John Osborn came in to receive a visitor from a firm dealing in compressors, who was quite impressed with the one we have. Most of the work during the day was on FO 3132.

Maurice and David Ayres cleaned up the filler pipes at the north end of 3132, removing all the old cracked paint.

After priming the pipe on his side, Maurice painted his half of the coach end in gloss black.

At the south end Adrian completed all the black painting.

He then completed the sole bars and moved on to the Cotswold side south bogie. Having been grit blasted and primed by our regular contractor, the bogies are clean, and not oil and grease covered.

The outsides of the second battery box and doors were also painted.

Making a good job look great, Alex spent a lot of the day tidying up small areas of paintwork around the lines, something he very much enjoys.

The previously undercoated corridor end door needed more filler, so David set to and by the end of the day it looked a lot better. Just a bit more to do and then it can have a second undercoat. Too fussy? Possibly, but we want to make this coach something really special.

I spent a lot of time in the Barn sanding down fibre filler in one of the door frames of SK 24949. Alex meanwhile moved out to undercoat nearly all the cream panels and centre door on the Malvern side.

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