Friday, 16 December 2016

Thursday - More concentrated effort

Report by Dave Clark

Another nearly full Mess Room indicating the good crowd in for the day. Just 16 more days before the winter break and a lot to do before then. As can be imagined there was quite some effort on FO 3132 throughout the day.

Starting with something completely different was Robin, busy treating one of the Model Railway coach steps with a mixture of black paint and grit to provide grip.

Next into the Paintshop and on to 3132 with both Jeff

and Richard doing the black lining out at the south end of the coach. The yellow lining out having been done last Saturday was well hardened and nothing lifted off when the tape was removed.

With almost all of the body side painting completed Richard was able to mount the transfers.

In the Workshop John Hamer and Ken had prepared the missing window from 3132 ready for reinstating.

It was the usual hive of activity inside 3132 with Pat and Tony back to adding more panelling in the north compartment.

In the south compartment Paul was giving the luggage racks a good clean.

Robin was adding a further coat of gloss black to the new skirting already installed in the south vestibule. More that has been pre-painted is now ready for fitting.

Roger was dismantling fittings in the south end toilet compartment.

Painting the inside of the first new battery box white was a good idea as can be seen as Phil continues adding the internal wiring.

John Hughes primed the second new battery box and its doors for 3132. The doors in the background are for the first box; these were painted black and are now ready to have their fittings reattached.

Phil cleaned up the door parts for the second battery box.

Michael lightly sands and then adds a second coat of varnish to three new sets of interior window woods for Roger. These are destined for TSO 4614.
Inside 4614 Alan prepares another window frame with better screw holes for the interior wood surround.

The cleared out interior of the south compartment, now a complete contrast to 3132.

In the Barn, the roof of SK 24949 had its final coatings of roof paint, with Bob doing the sides and Malcolm harnessed on the roof doing the central section.

The filler creeps round the new  metal corner and reinstated window on the Cotswold side of the coach.
The now quiet Paintshop with Richard Hoy and myself slowly packing up for the day. There is still some way to go, but 3132 is really looking like a new coach again.


St Blazey 1925 said...

3132 looks grand and is a credit to you all. Regards, Paul.

mack said...

Would it be possible to have a before and after photo of 3132 please :) when it's finished

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

3132 is progress well but is still several weeks from completion. When it is I will be posting before and after shots.

Colin Boyles said...

Instead of paint with grit in it, why dont you try wing walkway paint that we use on aircraft as a non slip coating

Dave Clark said...

We don't actually use very much grit-based paint, and having a supply of grit (which will last for a long time) and plenty of black paint it is easy to mix and use whenever required. However, thank you for your tip about the wing walkway paint.