Friday, 2 December 2016

Thursday - Coming back together

Report by Dave Clark

The first day of the new month and another very chilly morning with the sun beginning to rise over the main line and yard.

Cheryl was first off again with second top coating the south end cream areas on the Cotswold side of FO 3132,

while Richard Hoy continued with the Malvern side. Although there are still some structural activities, the painting is coming on very well and we should soon be on to the large brown panels and eventual lining out.

With our new supply of the correct length coach bolts, Jeff completed the fitting of the new steps on the Malvern side.

Then Jeff sneaked in with the white paint and proceeded to highlight the manufacture and dimension plates (now calm down Alex!)

More really good progress inside 3132, with the gang and extras mounting more varnished panelling.
 The small compartment at the south end of the coach was the first to be rebuilt. Paul and Dave Hancox reinstate the heavy luggage rack.

Arrrgh, what's this? Bob was back to varnishing, and having done what he could in the south vestibule, moved into the large south compartment. However, prior to starting he noticed some varnish on a panel that was anything but vertically applied. Hopefully this is old and done before it came to us.

He then made a start on the final coat of varnish for the panelling in this area.

Pete adds the third and final coat of varnish to the mountain of beading and lengths of veneer on the trestles, all destined for 3132.

Robin applies top coat white to the interior of the battery box for 3132. We just need the cover now to complete the job. The second box is currently under construction.

The next job was black glossing the various items for 3132's toilet compartment.

Some more intricate work, this time in TSO 4614. Alan carefully threads tiny steel cores into the aluminium window frame, which will provide better support for the wooden surrounds when they are screwed on.

Malcolm adding yet more high build black paint to the roof of 4614. He had started his day on the roof of SK 24949 in the Barn, but having icy cold condensate dropping on to you from the roof is hardly conducive to good painting!

Phil had a good day, making a great job of clearing up the main tool and surrounding machine tables. His comments about anyone making a mess of them now can well be imagined!

John Hamer cleans up the window taken out of SK 24949. This can go back once the new section of sheet metal has been fully welded in and cleaned.

It was still very cold in the shade as stated by the frosted sleepers, track and piles of chairs in the shade of the Works, however the Barn was warm enough to resume painting.

Good progress was made with SK 24949. We were able to reposition the line tapes which allowed us the paint the brown panels. Phil Brown and Ainsley did a very good job and, unlike Malcolm, were not pestered by water drops from the roof. After weeks of filling and sanding, it was good to stand back and see the coach coming back together again.

We could also continue with the bodywork prep on the Malvern side with both Ainsley and Pete hard at work. The doorways in particular are most important.

Another lovely day.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

And a chorus of 'Freeze a jolly good fellow'. 332 IS looking good. Well done to all. Regards, Paul.