Friday, 9 December 2016

Thursday - the big team

Now I am not referring to the number of people attending today although there was a good turn out.
No we often work as little isolated islands and its best that way. You can't have 2 people trying to varnish in the same area. Here Bob is giving a final coat to the south vestibule.

and Robin working is way round the north end corridor connection.

while Martin did much the same thing on the south end.

Richard was enjoying himself removing the masking tape from the outside of the carriage. Its very satisfying as it peels off. The smile is quite normal for anybody doing this task.

Some things of course need 2. A discussion between Dave and Jeff about what needs doing on the end of the carriage.

and then there is the total team effort. I couldn't get everybody on the picture. There are 2 more to the left of the shot!

The task was to put the luggage rack back in position. Now we took the entire length off in one piece so we put it back in one as well. (it will come apart, we just take it apart). Pat at the far end on the step is the one person actually putting the screws and bolts in. Everybody else is just hold it up there!

Both before and after the rack went up the interior team were continuing the fitting out of the saloon area with panelling. Roger was putting seat supports in place.

Alan and Pat were fitting panelling.

Blink and you miss it. We have moved to 4614 in the workshop where Ron was on a mass clean up and preparation of window trim sections.
Alan had also moved across and was working on the window frames . here he was re-tapping the threads for the window trim. It so much easier to screw the bolts in with nice clean threads. 

Moving on again to the barn and 24949. Ainsley was painting the corridor connection area using light from a flood lamp to see what he was do, the lighting in the barn isn't good for detailed work,

and me, I spent much of the day carefully removing old varnish from a corridor connection door for 3132. The veneer is very thin and you have to avoid going right through it. However, you have to have a good go at it to remove the senseless graffiti that has been engraved into it over the years. Its usually a football club or some bodies name. This time it was 'Lemey' but I have managed to remove the majority of it safely.

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