Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday - At the North Pole C&W works

It being the start of the Santa special season the carriage works have automatically transferred to the North Pole along with the station at Winchcombe. Actually from the temperatures we have experienced this week I think we got here a bit early. So with 20+ of the elves on toy making duty. This is what they got up to.

Andy with his nice 2 tone woolly hat to keep warm out in the reindeers barn was cleaning off the roof of 24949. I think Santa mistook the roof for a sleigh landing strip. It made a terrible mess. So all the flaking paint will have to be removed before it can be repainted.

Dave, the chief painting elf who is very strict about painting vertically, was painting lots of parts to help keep the rain out of Santa new carriage the open top sleigh is all very well but at this time of year you must be joking.

Richard was busy filling and priming the doors for the goods van, well Santa has to put the parcels somewhere!

One of the more spritely young elves, Alex, needed to be kept busy so he was made to paint all the bottom brown panels on 3132, both sides
While George was preparing another carriage, 24949, for Alex to paint another time.
Ken was busy cleaning up the metal strips as fast as he could to keep Dave (above) busy
John Osborn was busy making lots of little sparkly lights as he completed the repairs to a window corner on 24949

and then hid what he had done with a coat of red oxide. You can definitely tell he painted vertically. Careful John you will be seconded to the painting team next year!

Although I missed the sparkly lights James was doing the same job on 4614 in the workshop

while John Squires was preparing the next window to be done, the one on the left in the above picture. He found that some naughty elf in the past had used his old diet coke can to fill a hole in the carriage side. This isn't the first such 'repair' we have found on the carriage and I have a feeling it won't be the last.

Still following a closer inspection we did discover it was an

Oct 13 A
274 Mk1 23:22
So a correct 'MK1' type can for the Mk1 carriage.

Ian was further along the carriage removing the next window frame ready for another window corner repair. Quite a production line just as you would expect from Santa's Elves.

I was on the other side of the carriage making the doorway wider. Santa will be able to get his sleigh on board next year.
 Paul was continuing the interior refitting and not only ensured the insulation was in place to keep the carriage warm, he also put back another of the luggage racks in 3132.

Having inspected the roof of the guards van we decided to remove it. Derek started on the task, open top anybody?

Sometime, all to frequently, we have to make completely new parts. It can involve a lot of gluing and sticking which can make it hard to identify what it is.

Ah yes, a new one of these doors for 3132.

The elves will, be working hard all the way up to Christmas but its rumoured Santa will let them have the Tuesday afterwards off before they start on making the presents for the railway next year.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Very interesting and very clever! If the elves go in for an association, will it be the 'National Elf' LOL ?

Anyway, looks like lots of work was achieved by all. Well done. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Most of us are already fully paid up members of that body! It's what keeps us going.

Toddington Ted said...

I see St Blazey has been here already, quelle surprise! I was amused by your coke can repair feature, I guess it could have been done during a previous GWSR restoration or perhaps by a previous owner? FO 3132 seems to be coming along beautifully. I recall seing a photo of it in rather faded maroon livery when newly arrived at Winchcombe as recently as May 2014. I presume it was purchased from a main line tour operator (given the orange " mind the overhead wires mate" lining at roof level) when it arrived. Was this the case?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

This is the second coke can repair we have found on the carriage, thus far. It is a new carriage to us having been around a few places before we acquired it. So it's not one of our previous repairs. Word has it that in the earlier days we did use such methods but not since I joined as far as I am aware so in the last 7 years.

3132 is also new to us having originally come from Rivera Train. According to the Christmas party menus we found it was last used about 1995 and never cleaned after the party the streamers and party poppers were all around.

Toddington Ted said...

Many thanks for the info, I didn't think it would be a Winchcombe C&W type repair! I guessed the coach had been used by a heritage tour operator and Riviera Trains was one that came to mind. They are based at Crewe I understand and are in the rolling stock hire business.