Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wednesday - Doors and Lights

With 20 plus signed in today there was plenty of activity and with the freezing temperatures outside childhood memories of shouts 'shut that door' came to mind.

Doors and No Doors.
Colin and Eddie provided a nice pair of doors back to the goods van this morning. These are, I presume, now ready for painting.
 The inside of the first new battery box for 3132, which at present doesn't have a door immediately to hand, was undercoated by Trevor. White on the inside to help with light when working inside the box under the carriage.

Having finished the repairs to the frame of the gas bottle cage for the RBr we now need to locate the doors to go back on the front of the box. In the mean time John Varley moved on to repair the first of the new blank doors, no windows, for the disabled access carriage 4614. Like so many doors we are now dealing with the lower 6 inches of the door are badly rusted and have to be replaced.

In the woodwork shop Paul set about completing the panelling on door 1 from 3132. Now we know it fits the hole it has come off the carriage for completion.

Paul was also finishing the fitting of the door furniture for door 3 on the carriage. here fitting the locking plate.
 Derek and Mike fitted the frame back to the skin of door 4 from 4614. Mike then set about putting all the screws in round the edge. I haven't counted them but its in the region of 40 I think!

Phil was again working on the refurbishment of light fittings. the light fitting actually plug into a special 2 pin socket and are then screwed in place. This is handy as Phil now has a neat 'test bed' for the lights. As he completes one he simply plugs it into the bench switches on a and hay presto; job done onto the next one.
Steve was completing the last 2 LED light strips to replace the fluorescent tubes in 3132.

Then it was get them fitted in the carriage. Phil will fit the diffuser and finish the tidy up of the wiring tomorrow. The new lights are about 30 lux brighter that the old tubes but take a lot less power out of the batteries. They are designed to run with the carriages 24v circuitry, so don't need inverters to get back to 240v.

Des was busy completing the staining on the south end wall of the carriage.

while Russ was starting the second top coat round the windows on the Cotswold side.

He did come across a rivet that proud of the frame and was causing the paintwork to crack. John Hamer carefully removed the rivet replaced it and chem mettled over it ready for Russ to deal with later in the day.

In the cold weather its perhaps appropriate that John and Graham were replacing a defective heating radiator from a carriage in the main rake. Apparently the gasket had blown so the compartment became a steam room! It was just completed in time before the rake was moved up to Toddington in preparation for the Santa specials.

Davey and Trevor continued the long job of varnishing the trim sections for 3132.

They had already done this lot during the morning.

In the upholstery shop John hill and jenny were removing the old covers from a seat. This one had an unusual top cover.

but the inner canvass was to the usual state of repair.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Once again a very interesting blog.
Q: Why are the invalid doors for 4614 to be blank i.e. without windows? It will look like a small brake compartment - or is that the idea? What will actually be stencilled on the doors? Sorry for all the questions, just interested. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

As with 4790 each pair of disabled access doors will be one with a window and one blank. This enables us to use the standard bolt arrangement on the blank door and a standard lock on the other. It also looks wrong with 2 window doors.

As with 4790 the doors will be marked 'Disabled Access' at least I thinks that what's on 4790.