Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tuesday - Success and disappointment (revised)

The revision is an addendum of what should have been the last section of the report. But I lost the email with that bit on. it is now attached as originally intended!

Report by Dave Clark

Another varied day with 10 in, and another fire drill successfully completed (once I'd learnt how to stop the alarm when one of the emergency buttons is pressed!).

Starting off first today was Stu, attacking the rusted nuts and bolts securing the old footboards at the north end of FO 3132.

The cleaned up and oxide painted supports.

Three new gleaming boards and a job well done.

With no internal work being done at the south end of 3132, Russ was able to apply the first top coat to the remaining door still in undercoat. The door frame is still undergoing repair so that and the corner panel remain in undercoat.

With the second set of doors installed on the trestles inside the GWR van, Richard Stone vacuums the backs before applying the cream paint.

He also added more of the Underframe Black Gloss to the wagon's lower frame. With the care that Richard has taken with this van, it will be quite a show piece when completed.

The disappointment of the day was that our roof repairs done a while ago on the LNWR van in Platform 2 bay, have sadly come to naught with more leaks after all the recent heavy rain. To try and stop the worst of it, Russ applied more sealant as far as he could safely reach from the platform side. We will have to get the van back in to the Works to do the job properly as the other side of the van is very difficult to access safely. We may even put on a new canvas.


Richard Johnson was working underneath TSO 4614. Here he is putting a new sleeve cover on the vacuum cylinder mechanism.

The main push for the day was once again on SK 24949, with Dennis, Maurice, Adrian, Richard Hoy, Malcom Baker and myself all working on the coach throughout the day.

We're still in the digging out, filling, and sanding stage but hopefully soon we will be able to start patch painting to protect the filler (in early January the coach will be going back outside for a while before it can come back in to be fully repainted).

With more filler and sanding required on the cramped upper corner of the coach, the communication cord flag really needed removal. Unfortunately when Dennis removed the flag it broke - they are cast and age has taken its toll. We were able to find a replacement in our stores, but this must have had a hairline fracture because it also broke. Dennis has been able to do a repair and, all laughing, we promise not to call him Dennis the Wrecker!

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