Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tuesday - Short report

Report by Dave Clark

Just a short report today with the bulk of the work as expected in the Barn. A large paint order also arrived so we are now well stocked up ready for our planned over-Winter work.

As with all preparation, you feel you are getting nowhere when in reality the progress is very good. The lower brown panel at the north end of  SK 24949 had been undercoated last thing on Saturday. This was lightly sanded by Stu, who then went on to complete the filling/sanding as far as possible on this section. It was then cleaned up and taped ready for cream undercoat. John Hughes and I continued the work on the south end.

On the Malvern side, Bob and Richard Hoy also made good progress. It won't be long before we can begin to undercoat here as well.

Also in was John Hamer, cleaning up another wheelset before applying primer.

In the Paintshop Richard Stone was applying more Underframe Black to the GW van chassis.

More progress for FO 3132, as Phil lightly sands all the beading and other items on the trestles ready for a second coat of varnish.

A bit of work for the Santa preparations. John Appleton, having been busy with a group decorating the rakes, brought in these special chocks for yellow painting. These are used for the temporary fencing on the station platform.

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