Thursday, 10 November 2016

Tuesday Brrrrrrrrr

Report by Dave Clark

Yes, it was cold on Tuesday, with a good frost to contend with and very chilly northwest wind.

With its carriage jack work completed, SK 24949 will spend the remainder of the season on the other Barn road to undergo some bodywork patching and general clean-up prior to a full repaint in the Paintshop in March. Much of this initial work involves literally knocking out bulging and cracking filler, and then cleaning up as much as possible prior to painting on red oxide and re-filling. With Adrian, Malcolm, Alan, Richard and myself all involved at various times throughout the day, quite a lot was achieved. (too cold to stay in the barn for very long)

The some of the usual Mk 1 corner "delights" were present, but in this case we were able to get away with bridging (fibre) filler rather than having to plate up. It will keep prevent things getting any worse and will keep the coach where we most need it.

Alan later moved on to some filling on TSO 4614, and a good chance to warm up!

Oh the luxury of a nice warm Paintshop! Cheryl, and later Ainsley and Richard, continued adding the first top coat to the Malvern side of FO 3132. There are still some structural aspects to complete on this side, but we will progress the painting as far as possible. Such is the demand for our coaching stock, we have to make the most of all the space we have even if outstanding work isn't really suitable for the coach's location.

On the Cotswold side Ainsley completed the south end.

Richard Stone was back in, giving a coat of undercoat grey to the second side of the doors for the GW van, before resuming some cleaning up and painting underneath the vehicle.

Finally, Richard Hoy warmed up from his spell in the Barn and mounted our new board that will list our Fire Safety Officer for each working day. The FSO will take charge during fire drills and should a real fire emergency occur. The donations box underneath is not for the FSO cake fund!

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St Blazey 1925 said...

A very GW oriented day it seems. The goods van doors are looking great. I agree with you about the weather. Here in St Blazey it's not overly warm either and the rain can come down 'like stair rods'! All good work even if the weather is typically seasonal. Regards, Paul.