Friday, 11 November 2016

Thursday - One out, one in

Report by Dave Clark

It was a very busy day with an almost full mess room indicating the sizeable number in. The planned swap of coaches in the main Choc & Cream rake took place, and the maroon RMB was fixed and returned to the Maroon rake. There was more good progress all round.

TSO 5042, gleaming and ready to be hauled to Toddington by the Class 73 to begin its new life in the Choc & Cream rake, is shunted out of the yard.
Sometime later the displaced TSO 4763, looking in a very different state to say the least, arrives behind the 73.The red patch under the toilet window was a large water blister before the cracked paint was removed.

In the Barn, Maurice and Jeff respectively work on opposite corners of SK 24949, continuing the filler repairs. Just about visible in the background, Richard Hoy was digging out cracked areas along the lower line and around the windows.
Yes, Malcolm's back on the roof, cleaning off loose paint as well as a loose cowl. The later area will be plated over and then the cowl reattached if possible. (a good job we have extended the compressed air lin

With the maroon RMB on the jack road, the north bogie was pushed out for some maintenance. Richard Johnson explains about changing brake blocks to Jeff and new member Phil Brown.

John Hamer used his little mirror to inspect the steam pipe leak before applying a heat resistant epoxy putty. This is the one section of pipe we try and avoid replacing. It has a double bend that we don't have the tools to reproduce.

Inside TSO 4614 in the Workshop, Phil, Paul and Bob Keyte are gradually stripping out more loose parts clearing the way for restoration to start.

Seat side panels with their positions carefully marked up.

Much of the stuff was being passed out to Robin, and then either carefully stored away or put in the junk pile for the skip.

Robin carefully prising number blocks from the seat top strips from 4614. It wasn't all destruction as inside the coach Phil was replacing old wiring.

In the Paintshop Cheryl top coated the remaining large panels on FO 3132. With still an amount of construction and repair work left to do, no further painting will be done until much of this is completed.

Progress by the Thursday Indoor Gang was once again considerable.
Tony fits a length of beading along the top of the veneer panelling under one of the windows.
Pat secures the table support under the next window.

Robin sands down more pieces from 3132. Unfortunately the colour isn't quite correct. Fussy? Definitely! We want to make this coach look as good possible.
Bob was back cleaning up and re-threading more bolts, this time for securing the seat bases in 3132.
Roger with one of the heavy base plates for the seats ready to be fixed in place.
Back in the trestle area, Michael was top coating the lamp shades from TSO 4614.
With TSO 5042 completed ready for the race train this week end some of the pressure is off. We can return to some unfinished work. In this case it was painting the floor in the newly restored disabled area and remaining parts of BG 81039, the Third rake brake coach. It will probably need two coats, but with just the one it looked very much better.
With the evening coming on there was still time to swap the maroon RMB, with its leak now fixed, with TSO 4763, which also has a steam leak. 60 years old pipe what a surprise!!!

With 4763 now on the carriage jacks, the lift began but was quickly halted. Something was jamming and causing the south bogie to lift. Thankfully with the use of a heavy crow bar and cold chisels the bogie was freed up. We're not really sure why this happened as there was nothing very obvious. The coach was raised and the jacks locked in position. It is now ready to have its steam leak fixed.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Wow!! The amount of work you got through today was enormous. Must be nice to see a completed vehicle leave to be back in a service train though eh? I mainly worked with DMU stock on BR but we treated them with respect even to cleaning them. I can remember one Guard who sadly passed away a good while ago now and was based at Stourbridge Junction, when rostered on the 'Town Car' (Stourbridge Jcn to Stourbridge Town branch), between runs up and down got the windolene out and cleaned the windows of the 'Bubble car'!!! See the staff doing that NOW?, I don't think so!! Well done to ALL. Regards, Paul.

Ian B said...

Do you have any progress to report on the spare doors for 52029? Apparently one of the first two spare doors was the correct profile, are any of the other four?