Saturday, 26 November 2016

Thursday - More Opportunities

First as promised a much clearer picture of the steam heat distribution 'Christmas Tree'. Steam in the top out the sides and a drip value on the bottom. the four branches go one to each quarter of the carriage.

Modern business thinking says you don't have problems only opportunities. Being a heritage railway and sticking with tradition our first problem was that while the lorry left with a pair of bogies for turning. The pair it was supposed to bring back were trapped at the wrong side of carriage stuck on the wheel turning lathe in Bristol.

 Also stuck was this post on the flat bed wagon which was needed to transport the sleepers for P'Way who are dealing with a rather larger problem they would rather not have at the moment. After a lot of brut force and WD 40 it was removed and the flat bed loaded.

Other than that it was steady progress on 3132 with Bob varnishing in the south end vestibule

and lots more of the panelling being fitted

in the saloon which is taking on a very pleasing appearance.

There are a lot more sections of trim
 still lined up and being varnished! On the exterior I finished the capping strip on door 1 so we can now move ahead with the door overhaul next week.

The light in the barn on a gloomy day is not great so Ron had to resort to using a spot lamp to see what he was doing, clearing round the windows inside 4614. Item for the budget, new lighting in the barn!
On the exterior Pete was on final sanding Malvern side

while Dave oversaw work on the Cotswold side.
This took us to tea time after which several of the management team gathered to discuss our departmental budget needs for next year.
After a long debate we arrived at a figure LESS than last year!
Yes we included a special item for lighting improvements in the barn.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Yes 3132 and 4614 are coming along nicely.
How did workmen manage in the old GWR days when sometimes they may have had to work with candle light, oil light or NO light? Amazing that they achieved the results that they did!
Well done to all. Regards, Paul.