Friday, 18 November 2016

Thursday - Contrasting weather

Report by Dave Clark

Twenty four booked in so a big group to test the Thursday fire drill. It was another day of contrasting weather which turned out to be somewhat extreme to say the least, and for one job a relief that it was done early on.
That job was an early pick up of another two bogies on to which had been mounted four wheelsets with flats. These will be going to St Phillips Marsh, Bristol for tyre turning.
On a very different note, with TSO 4763 up on the jacks, Richard Bates was making some electrical adjustments in preparation for the Santa season. 4763 will be one of two coaches that will be stabled at Toddington to provide a refreshments area while the DMU is running Santa Specials up to Laverton.

In the next road it was another mass attack on SK 24949, with Cheryl and Richard Hoy on the Cotswold side
and Martin and Ainsley on the Malvern side continuing the gouging, filling and sanding process. They were later joined by John Hughes, Dave Hancox and myself.
In the Paintshop Michael carefully varnishes more cleaned and stained items for FO 3132, before moving on to black gloss the footboards in background.

Inside 3132 Tony Baker was removing an electrical socket in preparation for mounting more new panelling.

Further along Pat was mounting another internal strip under one of the windows.
A view of part of the south compartment really does credit to the Woodwork team, the "Indoor Gang", and Phil with the wiring.
In the Workshop a happy smiling Jeff prepares the remaining replacement steps for the Malvern side of 3132. Unfortunately our coach bolts supply has run out so the steps could only be partially fitted until we can get some more.
Morning tea break and not many seats left in the Mess Room. By now the faint drizzle had turned to rain beating on the windows.

Back to work and out to the Barn to see John Hamer under TSL 4763 cleaning up the cut ends of the steam heat pipework that feeds the radiator system.
The badly corroded spider that had been cut out - little wonder that the leak was bad.

It was about the time I was photographing under 4763 that the rain became epic. The noise on the Barn roof was deafening and that ground level mist was bouncing rain. What a relief the bogie pick-up was done earlier!
An hour later all was peace and tranquillity again, albeit somewhat soggy.

Moving back to the Paintshop to find that John Varley had welded on the missing bracket for the left hand tank filler pipe at the north end of FO 3132. A good job which didn't even blister the top coat on the nearby corner.

The trestles had filled up again after Robin had stained another batch of beading for 3132.
John Hamer was definitely unhappy about the old patchwork under this window on SK 24949 and asked us not to fill the area revealed when the old cracking filler had been removed. As such the window is coming out and a new patch can be put in.
Back to the Workshop to find Bob Keyte painting the ceilings in the south compartment of TSO 4614.
Ron Woodruff from the Indoor Gang was busy removing the internal wood trims on another of the windows that will be taken out.

In the north compartment Dave Hancox was loosening the seats so that screws holding the radiator covers could be revealed.
Another very useful job being done by Robin was the removal of all furnishings from 4614's internal doors prior to cleaning up and then fresh coats of paint and varnish.

Yep! He's there again! Malcolm back painting the roof of 4614, having done yet another session on SK 24949.

Finally Ron Bennett delivering another set of lamp shades from 4614 which he worked on at home. Ron is once again doing a great job converting these from twin to single bulb shades.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

A very GW colour schemed blog (nothing wrong with that). All good work being done for the preservation of the service rakes - to a high standard too! Well done, especially in this inclement weather that the whole country is suffering from at present. BTW hope you feel better than you were at last post. Regards, Paul.