Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thursday - at it again

After yesterday's big shunt everybody was getting used to the new locations of the various carriages.

However Phil and John were again shunting. As we into our mini close season with only one race train before the Santa season kicks off we have located the maroon rake at Winchcombe for the maintenance team to work on. Normally they have to work at Toddington but grab every opportunity to have the carriages at Winchcombe as it gives them access both to a much larger supply of tools but also assistance from other members of the department.

Phil and John along with Dennis were assisting with the carriage separations for Buckeye and buffer checks part of the prescribed regular maintenance checks the maintenance team carry out.

With the maroon rake completed they didn't miss 5042 parked back in the barn. That got checked as well.

As we have time a further big rubdown was done by Dave and Cheryl to one section of 3132 where some horizontal painting was still showing through.

Cheryl and Jeff also continued the the first top coat round the windows on the Malvern side.
Ricard Hoy was progressing the work around door 4 to catch it up with the rest of that side of the carriage.

Steve was cutting some nerw sections of panelling for the vestibules

between making various sections of trim for the interior team

 who are busy fitting the panelling to the main saloon. As this is our first FO carriage there are some aspects of how the panelling fits together.

This is not helped by the fact that many of the window and structural supports have had to be taken out and replaced. Try as we might the sections never go back exactly as they were originally so getting the fit right is tricky.

They are making some good progress now and doing a grand job. One of the bays now fitted minus the table but with the table support in position. This is not straight forward as the light is fitted through between the table and its mount bracket.

I was doing some more work on door 1 and removed the paint from the edge of the door to find this stamped on the edge. I guess more by luck than judgement this is exactly the notation we are using for the door. Door 1 on carriage 3132. If the carriage had been delivered the other way round we would have been calling this door 4.
 the door still doesn't close but it is getting closer.

Ken was fitting all the component parts of the communication cord system back together ans checking for a smooth operation.

Richard bates has been working of repairs and a rebuild of some battery boxes. these 2 section of iron work as key to the covers staying place. However, rust is taking its toll so we shall have to get the welders to make some new ones.

I though I would report Malcolm's completion of the first coat of grey roof paint on 4614 without actually including a picture of him on the roof. As he says 'not another picture of me on the roof'. Well I tried Malcolm only to discover you photo bombed the shot of Dave Hancox sanding the sides of the carriage.

Tony tells me the half way point of the 4614 window slider cleaning has been reached. The ramps from the discovery carriage have also been moved away now the Santa's grotto carriage is in place.

24949 has been brought into the jack road for a bogie swap and various set up measurements to be taken.

So another day of varied activity and several people saving another months gym membership.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Nice picture of the maroon rake at Winchcombe. Maybe you could call Malcolm 'Fiddler on the roof' !?! Sorry Malcolm. All looking very nice anyway. Regards, Paul.

Alan D said...

Being a recent newcomer to the Blog followers, could you please advise on the tasks that you are undertaking? The carriages being repaired - Are they from existing rakes or are you preparing a new rake for when the extension opens? If they are for a new rake, is the intention to timetable additional services above the current requirements.

The volunteers in all departments are showing just what can be achieved by having dedicated teams who take pride in their work. I am looking forward to travelling on the completed extension in carriages that my father may have worked on when he worked for Metro Cammell

Best regards,

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

FO 3132 & TSO 4614 are 'new' carriages to the railway. We are restoring them for the first time. SK 24949 has been on the railway for a long time and is in for a quick repaint and a few minor repairs.

This year we were running 2 rakes of 7 and one of 6.
Next year we are aiming at 2 main rakes of 8 any as many as we can get ready for the third rake probably 6 to start increasing to 8 as soon as we can.

You have to keep in mind that with a purely volunteer workforce what we get done is dependant on who turns up! Generally speaking it takes around 15 months to do a complete restore on a 'new' carriage. Specialist carriage like RBr & disable conversions can take longer! It all depends on what needs doing and the skills available to do it. At the present time we can do any repairs or restorations to a carriage with the exception of wheel turning. Follow the blog for a while and you will see how the jobs flow into each other.