Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday - The unseen

With 20 volunteers in attendance there was a wide range of work on the go, that is except painting as the entire painting team seems to have taken the day off. This was fine as it allowed Steve a free run in the paintshop to continue the fitting out of the south end vestibule. Here fitting the draft strip to the corridor connection door pillars
and then re hanging the curved door which houses the water cistern and pipework for the toilet at the south end.

Much of todays efforts were on areas of the carriages that few either see or notice. However, all are vital. At the north end we haven't yet fitted the storage tank in the rood of the carriage. This is because the only tank we have available is from a TSO. This has different positioning of the fitting from an FO tank. Simply it doesn't fit.

So today Dennis cut out the main filler boss and plated over the hole. Then the tank was moved into position while I went on top of the carriage to mark the required positions for the fitting through the holes in the roof. This had to be done fairly quickly as the four or so people holding the tank over their heads didn't wish to do so for very long! Then it was take the tank back out and into the workshop for the boss to be fitted and soldered or braised into position, Not sure which it has yet to be done. Its a job for next week. (there is also the breather pipe to be repositioned as well).

At the other end of the workshop Paul started on the clean up of radiator grills for 4614

which he later painted in aluminium silver

With all our carriages these days the vacuum cylinder is swapped for a refurbished one. The original being refurbished at our leisure. here Andy is cleaning up the mount bracket
before joining Richard Johnson under the carriage to move the new cylinder round and hang it in position.

The difficult job of with the disabled conversion is to correctly position the double doors. or at this stage the hinge pillars. So during the week Phil extracted 2 parcel doors from the 'spare parts store' somewhere down the yard and here Richard started on the strip down of the first one ready a rebuild and measuring.

Like many of our 'spare parts' it will need a total overhaul but without these stores we would have real problems to do many of the thing we are able to do.

Bob was back on the roof today. Note the different style of roof painting Bob prefers to save the knees and sits on the roof while Malcolm goes for the kneeling pad option. This carriage is 24949 in the barn for a supposedly quick repaint.

A task that George is progressing well with some final bits of rubbing down and filling on the Malvern side.

However, like so many quick jobs there is usually a like bit extra to do. One window corner was in such bad condition it had to be replaced. So John Osborn set about making a patch to weld in.

Then duely started on the welding. The patch tack welded in place.

On the adjacent jack road 4763 was brought back in. Something we were able to do because Bob happens to be a signalman amongst the many other things he does for the railway. This enabled a first investigation of fitting the new Christmas tree distributor for the steam heat system on the carriage. (sorry the flash was on the camera but it proves hi-viz works!)

Ken and John Hamer gained a good understanding of the arrangement and now know exactly what extra fitting we need to connect it all up

John Hill and Jenny were busy on the next of the seats for 25743. It was good to seeDave and Penny Dron who popped in to see us. Dave is recovering from a shoulder injury at present.

Finally three buck-eye couplings loaded up ready fore dispatch. They are going away to a firm who supply refurbished replacements fully certified. This is one of the parts that do gradually wear out and are subject to regular safety checks. Its one carriage component where a certified replacement is a good idea.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

'The unseen' is a good title for this blog, as how many passengers do actually think of the parts of the vehicle in which they ride (other than when it has square wheels); and also to how that vehicle both came into being and also was restored being a veteran of the 1950's.
Always interesting is the Blog. Regards, Paul.