Sunday, 6 November 2016

Saturday - step by step

It struck me as I looked through the photos for today how each is a step along a road to rolling out the next carriages. It takes a wide variety of both skills and perseverance to bring things together.

Dennis, set about soldering up the water tank for the north end of 3132.

  Then with the tank outside and the right way up it was tested by Ian and Phil. One small leak remained and and was soon repaired. The tank can now be reinstalled in 3132.

It will go into the roof space above this vestibule where Chris completed the task of getting a good fit for the door. It now closes. the next step is to fit the capping strip!

At the other end Steve continued the re panelling of the other vestibule. The oblong hole is where the fire extinguisher mounts.

Working in the door way of the central vestibule Paul was tidying up the door liner not to much paint please or the door will start sticking.

On the Cotswold side Alex was showing off his painting skills again

and don't tell his mum but he CAN wash up as well!

Moving on to 4614 Richard cleared out many of the interior part that had already been removed carefully checking and labelling everything before moving them to the storage racks at the end of the workshop.

With the space clear Phil was able to start work on the wiring

and Dennis and I removed the first of the window glasses that have to come out for welding repairs to the sides of the carriage. The frame will come out next week.

With James making good progress on the end repairs
John Osborn was able to start preparing the new sections of steel that will form the new corner of the carriage.

In the barn 24949 was in for a bogey swap. However, it went up and down like a yo-yo on the jacks. The removed bogies had broken bosses but we couldn't get the carriage to sit down on the replacements. After several attempt we realised a broken section of the old boss was actually still stuck in the mount on the under side of the carriage.

Once this was removed

The carriage was straight down and back out

to be replaced on the jack road by rMB 1876 which has a steam leak we knew not (precisely) where.

After much searching the leak was located in about the worst area possible. However, a solution has been formulated and we wait to see how successful it is.

That's no paint brush Dave! Another carriage from the third rake showing unacceptable levels of wear and tear where areas of filler have broken out. This appears to be another case of a botched repair done elsewhere. The window corner has been plated over rather than cut out and re welded. The overlap was filled.

We have to chip out the paint and see what we can do as this is a quick repair job the carriage having to be back in service for the santa season.

Pam was working to fulfil another request this from the guards department for some long handles to assist with lamp removal. One for each rake.

Looking very neat and tidy the upholstery shop has been tidied up by the team. A hint they have completed there current list of jobs. There was some discussion and the next carriage for their attentions has been identified.

In the mean time they have been tasked with keeping these two strays feed and warm while they wait for Auntie Claudette to come and collect them from the mess room.

Which bring this round up of our activities to a close. Rather smartly like these door for the goods van newly painted in undercoat grey by Richard Stone.

Each a small step along the way all adding up to more progress.


Unknown said...

I must commend all of you for your fine efforts, you never seem to slow down and march on restoring more and more coaches to such a high quality. It is always a pleasure to ride in these coaches and I really enjoy reading each blog update.
Many thanks,

St Blazey 1925 said...

Much varied work I see. All well done as one usually expects of the GWsR Carriage and Wagon dept. nowadays. Very interesting to us laptop people also. My activities are limited to our local GWR Staff Assoiation, and then quite limited in Winter. A hearty 'Well done to all'. Regards, Paul.