Sunday, 13 November 2016

Saturday - shock

With the carriage restorations it can often feel to me its same old same old week by week. So what is there different to talk about. Every now and then there is a surprise pops up, like this week.

For instance its not often we replace steps. In fact most of the public won't even know the carriages have steps down here. However, Phil was putting a completely new one on 3132 today.

Also a rarely noticed but vital component of every carriage, the fire extinguisher. Phil Habron delivered a new one to us during the week and Steve sets about mounting it in the carriage. Here adjusting the mount brackets which of course over the years have changed position.

Once done and mounted as seen in the background of this picture Steve in a more relaxed position fitting the door trim.

Richard Stone was in paint the first top coat of Grey on the doors for the goods van

Another use for the 'props'. Phil using one to hold the light fitting in place while he unscrews the cover. It is being removed for cleaning and to allow the ceiling to be painted. The props are a very useful addition to our tool set.

Paul who doesn't often feature but does a massive job cleaning up, here removing a seat side pad which then went to the skip. The upholstery team have already made new ones.

Paul also does a lot of 'putting away' Here remove the tables from 4614 to clear the work area

and removing them to one of our storage areas. A van somewhere down the yard, The art is to remember which van and where it is when we need the table back out again.
Paul was back in time for the most important job of all making the tea!

The more normal progress was also evident with James completing the repairs round the corridor connection area of 4614's north end. While there is still welding to do this area is now clear for the restoration of the corridor connection to start.

Andy removed the second window frame from the carriage again most but not all of the securing screws came out. There are now three window corners ready for replacement as I removed all the interior panelling around this area.
Its a pain but the we can't weld with the panelling in place!! We have had a another stark warning recently with a fire at another heritage line. We also had a fire drill today fortunately the rain stopped and it wasn't bitterly cold so the fire marshal didn't get lynched.

While Malcolm started on the roof of 25743 we had a shock

and perhaps the big shock of the day. NOT Malcolm on the roof but Bob. Malcolm gave his knees a rest and moved onto a ladder doing the side's of 4624's roof in the workshop.

We are trying to get as much of the work on 25743 done in the barn as possible. Its in for a quick winter shut down tidy up and repaint. Work in the barn can be very dependant on the weather as the barn is open ended. It wasn't to bad today with Ainsley working at the lower level

and George at the higher level.

John Osborn having discharged his fire marshal's role also produced the first of several new battery box locking bars

which were duly painted by Dave after he had inspected the LNWR van which has a leaing roof, and done some more work on the floor of the BG disabled area down the yard.

Clive between assisting with the heating pipe repairs also did some red-oxide painting on the frame work of the guards van
The upholstery team or today John and Jenny removed the old moquette from another of the seats and striped it off ready for rebuilding. (the old cover can just be seen in the bin!)

John Squires with assistance form Andy and Clive were removing the holed section of pipework from under another carriage (I can't remember which one! They are coming and going so quickly at the moment. Its the mad dash of the closed season to get repairs to the running rakes done)

The struggle was to loosen off two joints and replace the section of pipe between them The new section of pipe gets the thread cut on the end.

And the final shock of the day. Another member of the P'Way gang inside the workshop.

We occasionally, and very happily, proved space/tools rather than direct assistance, this time for repairs to the P'Way Landie.


Stu H said...

Steam leak was on W4763 that was brought in when 5042 went out in the week
and the step board changes are usually done by the maintenance gang, unless we know that the coach is due into the workshops

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Another very good blog. Just one point, the SK in the barn is 24949, and the TSO on the jacks is 4763. 25743 is the SK that the upholstery team have started working on.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the loan of a bit of bench space. I was making up a new hydraulic pipe run for the Landie's crane. It's not entirely clear in the photo but I was cleaning up the tube end with John O's round file having cut it to length. David