Monday, 21 November 2016

Saturday - Fit or Not

We all know that joining P'Way or C&W will save you a gym membership but today's title is about whether various parts fit where they are supposed to fit.

With a good number in again, well what else do you do on a wet day, there was plenty going on.

Steve started out getting door 4 of 3132 to fit again. It did fit and shut but once some filling and painting had been done it did not fit properly anymore. So it was remove the paint and a bit more wood. Now its hoped there is space for the paint!

Steve moved on make a section of toilet ceiling, here cutting out the hole for the light unit to fit in.

During the day Andy, Ian and here Paul removed 2 move window frames from the Cotswold side of 4614 and cleraned up round the edges ready for welding of new bottom corners. We are doing 4 of the 8 windows on the Coitswold side.

John Osborn started on and finished the welding on the first of the corners.

Having removed the outer Bardic frames Paul moved on to removing the inner wood panelling.
Working on the end of the same carriage James was panelling over the last of the crash pillar repairs

In the upholstery section John and Jenny were fitting the covers they made during the week to 2 seat bases.

A perfect fit.
With that needle in her hand I'm not saying it doesn't fit properly!!!!
I'm not sure if it was the axle box bolt or cover that needed replacing but where do you find a spare? On one of the spare bogies in the yard of course.
What a nice bright new woolly hat. Jennie had made some. All were quickly put into use on a cold wet day!

Checking the fit. 2 member of the |P'Way gang with their entire tray of drill bits. All now long without any clear sizing marks. So they came spent some time with our Micrometer measuring and labelling everything up.

Dave carried on with the prep work on 24949 in the barn. One window has been removed as one of the widow corners needed a full repair.

Richard Stone carefully painting the join line between inside and out on the Goods Van while waiting for the paint on the doors to harden. The second pair of doors have been test fitted and will soon be ready for painting as well.
Escaping the camera today was Andy and Ian's work on the 4614 where they started on the removal of the door pillars for the disabled access doors to be fitted. They were also removing the door hinges and lock plates for future use.
There was also a search for a lost part needed for the vacuum cylinder fitting. After much searching Joh Hamer got the prize with a the application of some logic. he realised we had moved the carriage since we last had the part. a check round where the carriage used to be then and bingo.
So a day of puzzles making everything fit and treasure hunts and problem solving.
You don't get that at a gym.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Hunting for spare parts - A sure sign that Christmas is approaching fast!! Good work in all that cold rain outside. Regards, Paul.