Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wednesday - Welcome

We had a good number in today including 2 new members David Ayres and Graham Westgate. Now I did have a picture of them both but sorry I managed to delete it from my phone before I had uploaded it. I will get another picture next week! Anyway, Welcome to you both.

Today Rod did a final bit of interior painting of the vestibule of 5042 before it gets shunted back out to operations. The lining out started yesterday so today was a day for the paint to harden before the next line gets painted on.
Otherwise the work focus was on 3132. Des and Trevor colouring and preparing sections of panelling 

and finishing one of the large fixed panels at the north end of the saloon.

Martin was cleaning and silver painting the table mounts all 3 section of each of the 14 of the them.

Paul was fitting the lock plate and the lower guide plate on door 4 of the carriage.

Steve was making another of the LED strip lights for the carriage. You can see here the right angle section he is using. the led strio is about to be applied.

Derrick was busy cleaning and greasing sets of door hinge pins we need some extra sets for the double doors of the disabled access on 4614.

A job for S&T has been waiting for a while so today Nick made a start on it shortening the signal level tie rods these were a couple of inches to long for our needs so he had to cut a section out of the 1" thick rods and weld the end back together.

He was also doing some repairs to a brake rigging bar from one of the bogies in the barn. The end pivot points have been 'pulled' well out of line (before they come to our railway I gather). Another cut, bend and shut job of some more very chunky steel section.

Still working his way through the muck on the 4 wheel sets John tackles the clean up of the last one.

while Graham got his new overall worn in working on the third wheel set.
John Varley was working on repairs to another of the doors for 4614 the edge section is yet again rather to rusty to leave. So here he is cutting a new section with the plasma cutter.

and then checking the size before welding it into place.

Dave was soldiering on with the new single seat backs for 4614 while Penny and Jenny were
....................................................... well best not ask at the moment!

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